75th Anniversary

On January 1, 2021, the Faculy of Pharmaceutical Sciences entered its 75th year. To commemorate this important milestone, a series of initiatives were launched to celebrate the Faculty's history and accomplishments. Below is a list of links that you can visit to access those initiatives.


Celebrating 75 years of leadership in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences

People and Place: The beating heart of UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

Practice: Creating a space of best-practice patient care

Education: A legacy of leadership in teaching and learning

Research: Tackling tough problems in areas of need

Where are you now? Alumni from graduating classes spanning 1958 to 2015 answered the question: "Where are you now?" Click here to browse these alumni stories.

Virtual Seminars

Fact vs. fiction: Countering the spread of misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccines

UBC Homecoming – MEDTalks: Unlocking Diabetes 100 Years After Insulin


Anniversary edition of Catalyst newsletter

Highlighting milestones over the years. An interactive timeline was created to celebrate and reflect on the past 75 years. Click here to explore some defining moments in the Faculty's history.