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May 2022

Fang KM, Lau GC, Park JY, Tchen P. Exploring factors that influence student engagement in community-engaged learning activities within a pharmacy context (Excel-RX). American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2021:8637. doi:10.5688/ajpe8637

Bohrmann Lennart, Burghardt Tobias, Haynes Charles, Saatchi Katayoun, Häfeli Urs O (2022). Aptamers used for molecular imaging and theranostics - recent developments. Theranostics 12, 4010-4050.

Barry AR, Bishop KE, Pearson GJ, Koshman SL. Omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular disease prevention: a practice tool for pharmacists. Can Pharm J (Ott) 2022;155(3):169-74.

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