Implementation and Accountability

What is the approach to implementation?

Implementation is being driven by a number of individuals and groups within the Faculty. Overall oversight of the plan is provided by the Senior Management Team (SMT), which comprises the Dean, Associate Deans, and Assistant Dean of Finance. Each strategy in the plan has an associated lead faculty/staff member(s) or group who are responsible for driving individual initiatives forward and tracking progress. The Faculty has a Special Projects Manager who collaborates with each of those members/groups on an ongoing basis to determine progress, and identify facilitators and barriers to meeting the goals set out in the plan. The Special Projects Manager supports the Dean and SMT in reporting on overall achievements on an ongoing basis.

How will we measure our progress?

For each strategy or action specific key performance measures and timelines have been developed. Progress data are reported on an annual basis to give an overarching view of progress towards the goals in the strategic plan. Additionally, faculty and staff members will be asked to provide feedback on progress to determine resource needs, and help to determine any changes that need to be made.

What happens in 2022?

As the five-year period of the strategic plan comes to an end, the Faculty, led by the Dean, will take some time to reflect and determine next steps in terms of setting new strategic priorities, building on the achievements of the period 2017–2022. At that time a short term plan may be developed to bridge the period of transition between the current and next Dean.