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Information and resources for MSc and PhD students can be found here.

General Information for Grad Students                                                                                               
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PhD Academic Handbook

When to Arrive

You should plan to arrive in the Faculty the week before the first day of classes unless otherwise agreed upon with your supervisor. Our graduate orientation session for new students will be held the week before classes begin and we will notify new students of the date for the session during the summer. Please visit the Graduate Office in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (Room 6321) within the first few days of your arrival. We would like to meet you soon after you begin your program. Plan to attend the Faculty Orientation event in late August, where you will be provided with very important information about the Graduate program and UBC.


Communicating with your New Supervisor

You should communicate with your supervisor during the summer before you arrive in Vancouver. Your supervisor can assist you in understanding the elements that are important to a successful integration into your academic program during your first year of study. Make an effort to correspond with or even visit your supervisor at least a few weeks before your first term of enrolment at UBC.

You can begin developing ideas for your thesis/dissertation even before you come to campus. Your research supervisor may be able to suggest important publications you should read to become more familiar with your area of scholarly interest. If you have been awarded an appointment as a teaching or research assistant for your first term on campus, you should also inquire about any initial requirements. Contact the course supervisor (if you are a teaching assistant) or your research supervisor (if you are a research assistant) to find out when they would like to set up an initial meeting with you.


Orientation Sessions

The UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate Student Orientation will be held in August before classes begin (date to be announced). Visit for more information.

Details regarding the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Orientation will be announced soon. The Faculty's Graduate Student Orientation is mandatory for all new graduate students beginning their program. It is designed to provide valuable information that will help students excel in the program.



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