Flu Clinic

The Pharmacists Clinic at the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a participant in the Provincial Influenza Campaign, which provides influenza vaccination (flu shots) free of charge to eligible BC residents. Members of the public and others on and around campus can get immunized at the UBC Pharmacists Clinic. You can book an appointment on-line now or call the Clinic Reception at 604-827-2584.

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Second floor – Room 2301, 2405 Wesbrook Mall
Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

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  • Arrive five minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Have your Personal Health Number (BC Care Card or BC Services Card) with you. If you do not have a number, we will still immunize you.
  • Plan to stay at the Clinic for 10–15 minutes after your shot so we can help you in the unlikely event that you have an unexpected reaction.
  • Total time required is 20–25 minutes.


For more information about Influenza, Immunization and the Provincial Influenza Immunization Program: http://www.immunizebc.ca/diseases-vaccinations/influenza.