Resources for Learners

Whether you're a pharmacy student, a pharmacist or a health care provider in a different field altogether, these pages are where you will find useful links for experiential education rotations at the Pharmacists Clinic and other information about patient care practice. Check back often, as information is updated regularly.

General Resources

In this area, we offer background about the Pharmacists Clinic service model, as well as tips for communicating both with patients and with other health care professionals.


Pharmacy Undergraduate Student Resources

Here you will find information about student volunteer opportunities at the Pharmacists Clinic. Pre-reading materials for pharmacy students scheduled for an experiential education rotation at the Pharmacists Clinic will be available for each student starting two weeks prior to their rotation start date.


Pharmacy Resident and Graduate Student Resources

This is where you will find information and pre-reading materials if you're scheduled for experiential education rotations at the Pharmacists Clinic within the Graduate PharmD Program, the Community Pharmacy Residency and the Lower Mainland Pharmacy Service Hospital Residency. Pre-reading materials will be available starting two weeks prior to your rotation start date.


Pharmacist Resources

Practising pharmacists interested in opportunities for hands-on skill development at the Pharmacists Clinic are invited to learn more about the Medication Management Certificate Program here. Other useful tools, templates and resources can also be found in this section.


Recent News

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences well represented at UBC Health Awards

March 27, 2017

The UBC Health Awards were held on February 28, 2017. Hosted by Dr. Louise Nasmith, associate provost Health, and adjudicated by UBC Health in 2016, the awards celebrate excellence in research and collaborations between the university and community practice teams.

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UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University partner to create new OSCAR module for pharmacists in collaborative care teams

March 6, 2015

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Family Medicine  at McMaster University have recently partnered to create a new module within the open-source OSCAR Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

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