Community Pharmacy Residency

Our Community Pharmacy Residency is a one-year postgraduate education and training experience. The program develops advanced knowledge and skills in the delivery of pharmaceutical services by community pharmacies. It's hands-on, it's immersive, and it'll prepare you to manage a community-oriented pharmacy practice. In addition, you will enter (or return to) your pharmacy practice prepared to share your skills and expertise with other professionals and students in the pharmacy community.

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Pharmacy is evolving quickly: drug information is growing by leaps and bounds, shifts in reimbursement are emerging, health care delivery patterns are changing, and there is an increased recognition of the need to improve drug therapy management. Advanced education and training programs like UBC's Community Pharmacy Residency help pharmacists stay up to speed on how to deliver the best drug therapy possible in the ambulatory care environment.

The Community Pharmacy Residency at UBC began in 1981 as the first of its kind in Canada, when a number of forward thinkers recognized the need for more advanced training in clinical services and pharmacotherapy for community pharmacy practitioners. All these years later, the program is still operating, and now is backed by the endorsements of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the British Columbia Pharmacy Association and the College of Pharmacists of BC. Our preceptors practice pharmacy in a unique way that goes beyond the everyday. These dedicated professionals are a big part of our program's success, and offer a range of experience and expertise from which our residents are able to draw during their rotations.

In the Community Pharmacy Residency, you will complete rotations in the following areas:

  1. long-term care
  2. core patient care services (pharmaceutical care services)
  3. elective patient care services (home health care)
  4. drug information
  5. dispensary, drug distribution and drug use control
  6. administration and management
  7. elective option(s)

We offer the program at a variety of sites across the Lower Mainland and in Victoria.

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