Your Career: What Can I Do with My Degree?

Your UBC PhD in pharmaceutical sciences opens the door to a broad range of exciting career opportunities. Shape the world by bringing your expertise to industry, government, academia, or the other health professions.

Where Your Degree Can Take You

Genomics and individualized therapy. Epidemiology. Nanomedicine. Pharmacology. A PhD in pharmaceutical sciences is the entry point to countless fields of research and teaching. Graduates of UBC Pharm Sci have gone on to fine-tune treatments for diseases like tuberculosis, lecture internationally about female contraceptives, study the regulation of cardiac metabolism following diabetes, optimize medication dosages for organ transplantation, and improve mental health outcomes through a better understanding of antipsychotics.

The possibilities are limitless with a UBC Pharm Sci PhD. You might consult for physicians. You might work in research and quality control, or as an administrator in a hospital or government setting. Maybe you'll consult on drug products, or health policy. Or maybe you'll find your place in teaching, mentoring and developing up-and-coming leaders in the field.

How To Apply