Research Publications

Date Published: Jan-02-2017
Learner : preceptor ratios for practice-based learning across health disciplines: a systematic review
Authors: P. Loewen; M. Legal; A. Gamble; K. Shah; S. Tkachuk; P. Zed
Research Areas: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Date Published: Jul-02-2017
Combination of Ceftriaxone and Ampicillin for the Treatment of Enterococcal Endocarditis
Authors: S.C. Peterson; T.T.Y. Lau; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: Jan-01-2017
Medication Non-Adherence in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Systematic Review
Authors: P. Mehat; M. Atiquzzaman; J.M. Esdaile; A. Avina-Zubieta; M.A. De Vera
Research Areas: Health Outcomes and Epidemiology
Date Published: May-01-2017
PRMT2 interacts with splicing factors and regulates the alternative splicing of <i>BCL-X</i>
Authors: M.I. Vhuiyan; M.L. Pak; M.A. Park; D. Thomas; T.M. Lakowski; C.E. Chalfant; A. Frankel
Research Areas: Pharmacology: From Molecules to Systems
Date Published: Sep-06-2016
Exome Sequencing and the Management of Neurometabolic Disorders
Authors: M. Tarailo-Graovac; C. Shyr; C.J. Ross; G.A. Horvath; R. Salvarinova; X.C. Ye; L.H. Zhang; A.P. Bhavsar; J.J.Y. Lee; B.I. ö gemöller; M. Abdelsayed; M. Alfadhel; L. Armstrong; M.R. Baumgartner; P. Burda; M.B. Connolly; J. Cameron; M. Demos; T. Dewan; J. Dionne; M. Evans; J.M. Friedman; I. Garber; S. Lewis; J. Ling; R. Mandal; A. Mattman; M. McKinnon; A. Michoulas; D. Metzger; O.A. Ogunbayo; B. Rakic; J. Rozmus; P. Ruben; B. Sayson; S. Santra; K.R. Schultz; K. Selby; P. Shekel; S. Sirrs; C. Skrypnyk; A. Superti-Furga; S.E. Turvey; M.I. Van Allen; D. Wishart; J. Wu; J. Wu; D. Zafeiriou; L. Kluijtmans; R.A. Wevers; P. Eydoux; A.M. Lehman; H. Vallance; S. Stockler-Ipsiroglu; G. Sinclair; W.W. Wasserman; C.D. van Karnebeek
Research Areas: Genomics and Individualized Therapy
Date Published: Jan-11-2016
2016 Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidemia for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in the Adult
Authors: T.J. Anderson; Jé goire; G.J. Pearson; A.R. Barry; P. Couture; M. Dawes; G.A. Francis; J. Genest; S. Grover; M. Gupta; R.A. Hegele; D.C. Lau; L.A. Leiter; E. Lonn; G.B.John Mancini; R. McPherson; D. Ngui; P. Poirier; J.L. Sievenpiper; J.A. Stone; G. Thanassoulis; R. Ward
Date Published: 2016 May 20
The Impact of Price-Cap Regulations on Exit by Generic Pharmaceutical Firms.
Authors: W. Zhang; D. Guh; H. Sun; C.A. Marra; L.D. Lynd; A.H. Anis
Research Areas: Health Outcomes and Epidemiology
Date Published: Jan-10-2016
Structural basis of arginine asymmetrical dimethylation by PRMT6
Authors: H. Wu; W. Zheng; M.S. Eram; M. Vhuiyan; A. Dong; H. Zeng; H. He; P. Brown; A. Frankel; M. Vedadi; M. Luo; J. Min
Research Areas: Pharmacology: From Molecules to Systems
Date Published: May-02-2018
A Parallel Synthesis Approach to the Identification of Novel Diheteroarylamide-Based Compounds Blocking HIV Replication: Potential Inhibitors of HIV-1 Pre-mRNA Alternative Splicing
Authors: P.K. Cheung; D. Horhant; L.E. Bandy; M. Zamiri; S.M. Rabea; S.K. Karagiosov; M. Matloobi; S. McArthur; R. Harrigan; B. Chabot; D.S. Grierson
Date Published: 2016 Jun
Population-based evaluation of the effectiveness of two regimens for emergency contraception.
Authors: V. W Y Leung; J.A. Soon; L.D. Lynd; C.A. Marra; M. Levine
Research Areas: Health Outcomes and Epidemiology
Date Published: Feb-03-2017
Rationalising the role of Keratin 9 as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease
Authors: J.L. Richens; H.L. Spencer; M. Butler; F. Cantlay; K.A. Vere; N. Bajaj; K. Morgan; P.’ Shea