Research Publications

Date Published: 11/2020
eHealth-supported decentralized multi-disciplinary care for gout involving rheumatology, pharmacy, and dietetics: proof-of-concept study
Authors: A. Howren; N.W. Tsao; H.K. Choi; K. Shojania; A. Kydd; R. Friesen; A. Avina-Zubieta; M.A. De Vera
Date Published: 11/2019
Baseline characteristics and comorbidities in the CAnadian REgistry for Pulmonary Fibrosis
Authors: J.H. Fisher; M. Kolb; M. Algamdi; J. Morisset; K.A. Johannson; S. Shapera; P. Wilcox; T. To; M. Sadatsafavi; H. Manganas; N. Khalil; N. Hambly; A.J. Halayko; A.S. Gershon; C.D. Fell; G. Cox; C.J. Ryerson
Date Published: 11/2019
Healthcare system encounters before COPD diagnosis: a registry-based longitudinal cohort studyBackgroundMethodsResultsConclusions
Authors: K.M. Johnson; A. Khakban; S. Bryan; D.D. Sin; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 10/2019
Work Productivity Losses and Associated Risk Factors Among University Employees in the CAMMPUS Wellness Program
Authors: W. Zhang; K.H. Li; B. Gobis; P.J. Zed; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 10/2019
Curriculum integration of virtual patients
Authors: K. Dahri; K. MacNeil; F. Chan; E. Lamoureux; M. Bakker; K. Seto; J. Yeung
Date Published: 09/2019
Jurisdictional Guidance on DOAC Use—Will It Affect Practice? A Comparison of European, American, and Canadian Product Monographs
Authors: D.A. Lamb; T.J. Bungard; J. Lowerison; W.M. Semchuk; P. Thomson; C. Brocklebank; J. Bolt
Date Published: 09/2019
Triple therapy in a single inhaler: a new option for uncontrolled asthma
Authors: M. FitzGerald; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 09/2019
Professionalism and disabled clinicians: the client’s perspective
Authors: T. Jarus; R. Bezati; S. Trivett; M. Lee; L.Yvonne Bulk; A. Battalova; Y. Mayer; S. Murphy; P. Gerber; D. Drynan
Date Published: 09/2019
An individualized prediction model for long-term lung function trajectory and risk of COPD in the general population.
Authors: W. Chen; D.D. Sin; M. FitzGerald; A. Safari; A. Adibi; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 09/2019
Trends in prescriptions and costs of inhaled medications in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a 19-year population-based study from Canada.
Authors: H. Tavakoli; K.M. Johnson; M. FitzGerald; D.D. Sin; A.S. Gershon; T. Kendzerska; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 09/2019
Patterns of medication use before, during and after pregnancy in women with systemic lupus erythematosus: a population-based cohort study.
Authors: E.Z. Zusman; E.C. Sayre; J.A. Aviña-Zubieta; M.A. De Vera