Research Publications

Date Published: 04/2019
UK government's sugar reduction programme on test.
Authors: A.I. Conklin
Date Published: 03/2019
Prehospital Analgesia With Intranasal Ketamine (PAIN-K): A Randomized Double-Blind Trial in Adults.
Authors: G. Andolfatto; K. Innes; W. Dick; S. Jenneson; E. Willman; R. Stenstrom; P.J. Zed; G. Benoit
Date Published: 03/2019
Assessment of Condition and Medication Knowledge Gaps Among Atrial Fibrillation Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Authors: S. Salmasi; M.A. De Vera; A. Barry; N. Bansback; M. Harrison; L.D. Lynd; P.S. Loewen
Date Published: 02/2019
IMMAN: an R/Bioconductor package for Interolog protein network reconstruction, mapping and mining analysis.
Authors: M. Ashtiani; P. Nickchi; S. Jahangiri-Tazehkand; A. Safari; M. Mirzaie; M. Jafari
Date Published: 02/2019
Chloroform compatible, thiol-ene based replica molded micro chemical devices as an alternative to glass microfluidic chips.
Authors: R. Geczy; D. Sticker; N. Bovet; U.O. Häfeli; J.P. Kutter
Date Published: 02/2019
Supramolecular nanogels fabricated via host-guest molecular recognition as penetration enhancer for dermal drug delivery.
Authors: L. Gao; F. Zabihi; S. Ehrmann; S. Hedtrich; R. Haag
Date Published: 02/2019
Use of biologics during pregnancy and risk of serious infections in the mother and baby: a Canadian population-based cohort study.
Authors: N.W. Tsao; L.D. Lynd; E.C. Sayre; M. Sadatsafavi; G. Hanley; M.A. De Vera
Date Published: 02/2019
Selective embolization with magnetized microbeads using magnetic resonance navigation in a controlled-flow liver model.
Authors: F. Michaud; N. Li; R. Plantefève; Z. Nosrati; C. Tremblay; K. Saatchi; G. Moran; A. Bigot; U.O. Häfeli; S. Kadoury; A. Tang; P. Perreault; S. Martel; G. Soulez
Date Published: 02/2019
Evaluating the Effect of a Patient Decision Aid for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention Therapy.
Authors: P.S. Loewen; N. Bansback; J. Hicklin; J.G. Andrade; A.I. Kapanen; L. Kwan; L.D. Lynd; A. McClean; J. MacGillivray; S. Salmasi
Date Published: 01/2019
Development and Validation of the Evaluation Platform in COPD (EPIC): A Population-Based Outcomes Model of COPD for Canada
Authors: M. Sadatsafavi; S. Ghanbarian; A. Adibi; K. Johnson; M. FitzGerald; W. Flanagan; S. Bryan; D. Sin
Date Published: 01/2019
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in the Workplace With CAMMPUS (Cardiovascular Assessment and Medication Management by Pharmacists at the UBC Site).
Authors: B. Gobis; A.I. Kapanen; J. Reardon; J. Min; K.H. Li; L.D. Lynd; P.J. Zed
Date Published: 01/2019
Internet health scams-Developing a taxonomy and risk-of-deception assessment tool.
Authors: B. Garrett; S. Murphy; S. Jamal; M. MacPhee; J. Reardon; W. Cheung; E. Mallia; C. Jackson