Research Publications

Date Published: 02/2020
Protein corona formation and its influence on biomimetic magnetite nanoparticles
Authors: A. Peigneux; E.A. Glitscher; R. Charbaji; C. Weise; S. Wedepohl; M. Calderón; C. Jimenez-Lopez; S. Hedtrich
Date Published: 02/2020
Participant perceptions of pharmacists and workplace wellness in CAMMPUS
Authors: J. Yuen; H. Bessette; B. Gobis; A.I. Kapanen; P.J. Zed
Date Published: 01/2020
Association of Ticagrelor vs Clopidogrel With Major Adverse Coronary Events in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.
Authors: R.D. Turgeon; S.L. Koshman; E. Youngson; B. Har; S.B. Wilton; M.T. James; M.M. Graham
Date Published: 01/2020
Umbilical cord as an analytical matrix – A technical note
Authors: H.R. Price; C. Chehroudi; S.J. Knight; A.D. Smith; D. Lai; H. Kim; T.E. Wright; M.W.H. Coughtrie; A.C. Collier
Date Published: 12/2019
Cost-effectiveness of implementing objective diagnostic verification of asthma in the United States
Authors: M. Yaghoubi; A. Adibi; Z. Zafari; M. FitzGerald; S.D. Aaron; K.M. Johnson; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 11/2019
A polymeric paste-drug formulation for intratumoral treatment of prostate cancer
Authors: C. Kesch; V. Schmitt; S. Bidnur; M. Thi; E. Beraldi; I. Moskalev; V. Yago; M. Bowden; H. Adomat; L. Fazil; J.K. Jackson; M.E. Gleave
Date Published: 11/2019
SCN1A variants from bench to bedside—improved clinical prediction from functional characterization
Authors: A. Brunklaus; S. Schorge; A.D. Smith; I. Ghanty; K. Stewart; S. Gardiner; J. Du; E. Pérez‐Palma; J.D. Symonds; A.C. Collier; D. Lal; S.M. Zuberi
Date Published: 11/2019
Baseline characteristics and comorbidities in the CAnadian REgistry for Pulmonary Fibrosis
Authors: J.H. Fisher; M. Kolb; M. Algamdi; J. Morisset; K.A. Johannson; S. Shapera; P. Wilcox; T. To; M. Sadatsafavi; H. Manganas; N. Khalil; N. Hambly; A.J. Halayko; A.S. Gershon; C.D. Fell; G. Cox; C.J. Ryerson
Date Published: 11/2019
eHealth-supported decentralized multi-disciplinary care for gout involving rheumatology, pharmacy, and dietetics: proof-of-concept study
Authors: A. Howren; N.W. Tsao; H.K. Choi; K. Shojania; A. Kydd; R. Friesen; A. Avina-Zubieta; M.A. De Vera
Date Published: 11/2019
Healthcare system encounters before COPD diagnosis: a registry-based longitudinal cohort studyBackgroundMethodsResultsConclusions
Authors: K.M. Johnson; A. Khakban; S. Bryan; D.D. Sin; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 11/2019
Direct costs of overdiagnosed asthma: a longitudinal, population-based cohort study in British Columbia, Canada
Authors: B. Ng; M. Sadatsafavi; A. Safari; M. FitzGerald; K.M. Johnson
Date Published: 10/2019
Work Productivity Losses and Associated Risk Factors Among University Employees in the CAMMPUS Wellness Program
Authors: W. Zhang; K.H. Li; B. Gobis; P.J. Zed; L.D. Lynd