Research Publications

Date Published: 05/2015
Societal preferences for rheumatoid arthritis treatments: evidence from a discrete choice experiment
Authors: M. Harrison; C. Marra; K. Shojania; N. Bansback
Date Published: 05/2015
A Study of Liposomal Formulations to Improve the Delivery of Aquated Cisplatin to a Multidrug Resistant Tumor
Authors: Y. Zhao; J.P. May; I.W. Chen; E. Undzys; S.D. Li
Date Published: 04/2015
A Review of Pharmacokinetic Drug–Drug Interactions with the Anthelmintic Medications Albendazole and Mebendazole
Authors: S.Ashley Pawluk; C.Allan Roels; K.John Wilby; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 04/2015
Pharmacotherapy of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
Authors: J.E. Basaraba; A.R. Barry
Date Published: 04/2015
Variation in healthcare services for specialist genetic testing and implications for planning genetic services: the example of inherited retinal dystrophy in the English NHS
Authors: M. Harrison; S. Birch; M. Eden; S. Ramsden; T. Farragher; K. Payne; G. Hall; G.Cm Black
Date Published: 03/2015
Pediatric Assessment of Vancomycin Empiric Dosing (PAVED): a Retrospective Review
Authors: D. Rainkie; M.H.H. Ensom; R. Carr
Date Published: 03/2015
Targeting of metastasis-promoting tumor-associated fibroblasts and modulation of pancreatic tumor-associated stroma with a carboxymethylcellulose-docetaxel nanoparticle
Authors: M.J. Ernsting; B. Hoang; I. Lohse; E. Undzys; P. Cao; T. Do; B. Gill; M. Pintilie; D. Hedley; S.D. Li
Date Published: 02/2015
Vancomycin Loading Doses: A Systematic Review
Authors: J. Reardon; T.T.Y. Lau; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 02/2015
A Systematic Review on TST and IGRA Tests Used for Diagnosis of LTBI in Immigrants
Authors: J.R. Campbell; J. Krot; K. Elwood; V. Cook; F. Marra
Date Published: 01–02/2015
Professional use of social media by pharmacists
Authors: A.R. Barry; G.J. Pearson
Date Published: 01/2015
Reporting Guidelines for Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies: The ClinPK Statement
Authors: S. Kanji; M. Hayes; A. Ling; L. Shamseer; C. Chant; D.J. Edwards; S. Edwards; M.H.H. Ensom; D.R. Foster; B. Hardy; T.H. Kiser; C. la Porte; J.A. Roberts; R. Shulman; S. Walker; S. Zelenitsky; D. Moher
Date Published: 01/2015
Why orphan drug coverage reimbursement decision-making needs patient and public involvement
Authors: C.M.W. Douglas; E. Wilcox; M. Burgess; L.D. Lynd
Topical treatment of neuropathic pain: applying the evidence
Authors: A. Paterson; J. Yuen; M. Johnson