Research Publications

A dose of theory on becoming a drug expert
Authors: S.P. Albon; R. Dagenais
Date Published: 2013 Aug 12
A pharmacokinetics module taught within a pediatrics pharmacotherapy course.
Authors: P. Gerber; R. Carr
Date Published: 2013
How confidence intervals become confusion intervals
Authors: J. McCormack; B. Vandermeer; M. Allan
Date Published: 10/2013
Comparison of HRQL between unicompartmental knee arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty for the treatment of osteoarthritis
Authors: K. Sweeney; M. Grubisic; C.A. Marra; R. Kendall; L.C. Li; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 08/2013
A Pharmacokinetics Module Taught Within a Pediatrics Pharmacotherapy Course
Authors: P. Gerber; R. Carr
Date Published: 07/2013
Mechanistic Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling of BACE1 Inhibition in Monkeys: Development of a Predictive Model for Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing
Authors: X. Liu; H. Wong; K. Scearce-Levie; R.J. Watts; M. Coraggio; Y.G. Shin; K. Peng; K.R. Wildsmith; J.K. Atwal; J. Mango; S.P. Schauer; K. Regal; K.W. Hunt; A.A. Thomas; M. Siu; J. Lyssikatos; G. Deshmukh; C.E.C.A. Hop
Date Published: 07/2013
Review of the top 5 cardiology studies of 2011-12
Authors: A.R. Barry; R. Boswell; E.H. Law; D.M. Pollmann; M.A. Omar; M.L. Ackman
Date Published: 07/2013
Structure-function relationship and biogenesis regulation of the human telomerase holoenzyme
Authors: K.R. Hukezalie; J. M Y Wong
Date Published: 05/2013
Immunogenicity of 2 Doses of HPV Vaccine in Younger Adolescents vs 3 Doses in Young Women
Authors: S.R.M. Dobson; S. McNeil; M. Dionne; M. Dawar; G. Ogilvie; M. Krajden; C. Sauvageau; D.W. Scheifele; T.R. Kollmann; S.A. Halperin; J.M. Langley; J.A. Bettinger; J. Singer; D. Money; D. Miller; M. Naus; F. Marra; E. Young
Date Published: 05/2013
Agreement among cardiovascular disease risk calculators
Authors: M. Allan; F. Nouri; C. Korownyk; M.R. Kolber; B. Vandermeer; J. McCormack
Date Published: 04/2013
Effect of the UGT1A1*28 allele on unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in HIV-positive patients receiving Atazanavir: a systematic review
Authors: C.L. Culley; T.K.L. Kiang; S.E. Gilchrist; M.H.H. Ensom