Research Publications

Date Published: 08/2014
Evaluation of a symptom-triggered protocol approach to the management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in older adults
Authors: A. Taheri; K. Dahri; P. Chan; M. Shaw; A. Aulakh; A. Tashakkor
Date Published: 08/2014
Validity of Heart Failure Diagnoses in Administrative Databases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Authors: N. McCormick; D. Lacaille; V. Bhole; A. Avina-Zubieta
Date Published: 07–08/2014
Are Standardized Knowledge Assessment Exams the Best Way to Assess a Pharmacist’s Competence and Should They Be a Mandatory Component of Licence Renewal?
Authors: E. Lo; J. Reardon; R. Turgeon; S.N. Stabler; S. Burgess; N. LeBlanc; D. Rainkie; C. Roels; S. Louie
Date Published: 07/2014
Rational Targeting of Subclasses of Intermolecular Interactions: Elimination of Nonspecific Binding for Analyte Sensing
Authors: J.S. Lane; J.L. Richens; K.A. Vere; P.’ Shea
Date Published: 06/2014
The yeast deletion collection: a decade of functional genomics
Authors: G. Giaever; C. Nislow
Date Published: 06/2014
Quantifying preferences for asthma control in parents and adolescents using best-worst scaling
Authors: W.J. Ungar; A. Hadioonzadeh; M. Najafzadeh; N.W. Tsao; S. Dell; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 05/2014
Evaluation of preventive cardiovascular pharmacotherapy after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Authors: A.R. Barry; S.L. Koshman; C.M. Norris; D.B. Ross; G.J. Pearson
Date Published: 05/2014
Effectiveness of neuraminidase inhibitors in preventing hospitalization during the H1N1 influenza pandemic in British Columbia, Canada
Authors: F. Marra; M. Chong; B. Henry; D.M. Patrick; P. Kendall
Date Published: 05/2014
Student and Faculty Member Perspectives on Lecture Capture in Pharmacy Education
Authors: J.P. Marchand; M.L. Pearson; S.P. Albon
Date Published: 04/2014
Mapping the cellular response to small molecules using chemogenomic fitness signatures
Authors: A.Y. Lee; R.P. St Onge; M.J. Proctor; I.M. Wallace; A.H. Nile; P.A. Spagnuolo; Y. Jitkova; M. Gronda; Y. Wu; M.K. Kim; K. Cheung-Ong; N.P. Torres; E.D. Spear; M.K.L. Han; U. Schlecht; S. Suresh; G. Duby; L.E. Heisler; A. Surendra; E. Fung; M.L. Urbanus; M. Gebbia; E. Lissina; M. Miranda; J.H. Chiang; A.Maria Aparicio; M. Zeghouf; R.W. Davis; J. Cherfils; M. Boutry; C.A. Kaiser; C.L. Cummins; W.S. Trimble; G.W. Brown; A.D. Schimmer; V.A. Bankaitis; C. Nislow; G.D. Bader; G. Giaever
Date Published: 03/2014
Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality in Patients With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies
Authors: M. Yurkovich; K. Vostretsova; W. Chen; Añ a-Zubieta