Research Publications

Date Published: 07/2013
Structure-function relationship and biogenesis regulation of the human telomerase holoenzyme
Authors: K.R. Hukezalie; J. M Y Wong
Date Published: 05/2013
Immunogenicity of 2 Doses of HPV Vaccine in Younger Adolescents vs 3 Doses in Young Women
Authors: S.R.M. Dobson; S. McNeil; M. Dionne; M. Dawar; G. Ogilvie; M. Krajden; C. Sauvageau; D.W. Scheifele; T.R. Kollmann; S.A. Halperin; J.M. Langley; J.A. Bettinger; J. Singer; D. Money; D. Miller; M. Naus; F. Marra; E. Young
Date Published: 05/2013
Agreement among cardiovascular disease risk calculators
Authors: M. Allan; F. Nouri; C. Korownyk; M.R. Kolber; B. Vandermeer; J. McCormack
Date Published: 04/2013
Effect of the UGT1A1*28 allele on unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in HIV-positive patients receiving Atazanavir: a systematic review
Authors: C.L. Culley; T.K.L. Kiang; S.E. Gilchrist; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 03–04/2013
Need for Speed: An Efficient Algorithm for Calculation of Single-Parameter Expected Value of Partial Perfect Information
Authors: M. Sadatsafavi; N. Bansback; Z. Zafari; M. Najafzadeh; C. Marra
Date Published: 03/2013
Continuing the Discussion on Scholarship in Pharmacy Education
Authors: M.L. Pearson; S.P. Albon
Date Published: 01/2013
Lysosomal disruption preferentially targets acute myeloid leukemia cells and progenitors
Authors: M.A. Sukhai; S. Prabha; R. Hurren; A.C. Rutledge; A.Y. Lee; S. Sriskanthadevan; H. Sun; X. Wang; M. Skrtic; A. Seneviratne; M. Cusimano; B. Jhas; M. Gronda; N. MacLean; E.E. Cho; P.A. Spagnuolo; S. Sharmeen; M. Gebbia; M. Urbanus; K. Eppert; D. Dissanayake; A. Jonet; A. Dassonville-Klimpt; X. Li; A. Datti; P.S. Ohashi; J. Wrana; I. Rogers; P. Sonnet; W.Y. Ellis; S.J. Corey; C. Eaves; M.D. Minden; J. C Y Wang; J.E. Dick; C. Nislow; G. Giaever; A.D. Schimmer
Date Published: 2012
Trends in asthma-related direct medical costs from 2002 to 2007 in British Columbia, Canada: a population based-cohort study
Authors: P. Bedouch; M. Sadatsafavi; C.A. Marra; M. FitzGerald; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 2012
A prescription for improving antibiotic prescribing in primary care
Authors: J. McCormack; M. Allan
Date Published: 12/2012
Population-Based Study of the Increased Incidence of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections and Associated Antimicrobial Use
Authors: F. Marra; D.M. Patrick; M. Chong; R. McKay; L. Hoang; W.R. Bowie
Date Published: 12/2012
Curricular Integration in Pharmacy Education
Authors: M.L. Pearson; H.T. Hubball