Research Publications

Date Published: 07/2011
Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Vismodegib in Preclinical Models of Mutational and Ligand-Dependent Hedgehog Pathway Activation
Authors: H. Wong; B. Alicke; K.A. West; P. Pacheco; H. La; T. Januario; R.L. Yauch; F.J. de Sauvage; S.E. Gould
Date Published: 06/2011
Statin discontinuation and risk of acute myocardial infarction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a population-based cohort study
Authors: M.A. De Vera; H. Choi; M. Abrahamowicz; J. Kopec; M.Victoria Goycochea-Robles; D. Lacaille
Date Published: 04/2011
β-receptor antagonist treatment prevents activation of cell death signaling in the diabetic heart independent of its metabolic actions
Authors: V. Sharma; A. Sharma; V. Saran; P.N. Bernatchez; M.F. Allard; J.H. McNeill
Date Published: 02/2011
Development and validation of limited sampling strategies for tacrolimus and mycophenolate in steroid-free renal transplant regimens
Authors: E. Poulin; E.D. Greanya; N. Partovi; J. Shapiro; M. Al-Khatib; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 12/2010
Role of Oxidative Metabolism in the Effect of Valproic Acid on Markers of Cell Viability, Necrosis, and Oxidative Stress in Sandwich-Cultured Rat Hepatocytes
Authors: T.K.L. Kiang; X.W. Teng; S. Karagiozov; J. Surendradoss; T.K.H. Chang; F.S. Abbott
Date Published: 09/2010
Job Location Decisions of Pharmacy Graduates in British Columbia
Authors: M.L. Pearson; L. Andres
Date Published: 05/2010
A functional genomics screen identifies diverse transcription factors that regulate alkaloid biosynthesis in Nicotiana benthamiana
Authors: A.T. Todd; E. Liu; S.L. Polvi; R.T. Pammett; J.E. Page
Date Published: 02/2010
Epigenetics: methylation-associated repression of heparan sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase gene expression contributes to the invasive phenotype of H-EMC-SS chondrosarcoma cells
Authors: C. Bui; M. Ouzzine; I. Talhaoui; S. Sharp; K. Prydz; M.W.H. Coughtrie; S. Fournel-Gigleux
Date Published: 12/2009
The fructose-fed rat: a review on the mechanisms of fructose-induced insulin resistance and hypertension
Authors: L.T. Tran; V.G. Yuen; J.H. McNeill
Date Published: 11/2009
Genetic variants in TPMT and COMT are associated with hearing loss in children receiving cisplatin chemotherapy
Authors: C.J.D. Ross; H. Katzov-Eckert; ; B. Brooks; R. Rassekh; A. Barhdadi; Y. Feroz-Zada; H. Visscher; A.M.K. Brown; M.J. Rieder; P.C. Rogers; M.S. Phillips; B.C. Carleton; M.R. Hayden
Date Published: 11/2009
Quantitative evaluation of the expression and activity of five major sulfotransferases (SULTs) in human tissues: the SULT "pie"
Authors: Z. Riches; E.L. Stanley; J.C. Bloomer; M.W.H. Coughtrie
Date Published: 07/2008
Pediatric pharmacotherapy content of Canadian undergraduate pharmacy curricula
Authors: A. Lavoie; P. Gerber