Research Publications

Date Published: 11/2009
Quantitative evaluation of the expression and activity of five major sulfotransferases (SULTs) in human tissues: the SULT "pie"
Authors: Z. Riches; E.L. Stanley; J.C. Bloomer; M.W.H. Coughtrie
Date Published: 07/2008
Pediatric pharmacotherapy content of Canadian undergraduate pharmacy curricula
Authors: A. Lavoie; P. Gerber
Date Published: 03/2008
Accuracy of a provincial prescription database for assessing medication adherence in heart failure patients
Authors: K. Dahri; S.J. Shalansky; L. Jang; L. Jung; A.P. Ignaszewski; C. Clark
Date Published: 2006
Oxidative Stress as a Mechanism of Valproic Acid-Associated Hepatotoxicity
Authors: T.K.H. Chang; F.S. Abbott
Date Published: 11/2006
Oxidative stress in children receiving valproic acid
Authors: A. Michoulas; V. Tong; X.Wei Teng; T.K.H. Chang; F.S. Abbott; K. Farrell
Date Published: 05/2006
Correction of feline lipoprotein lipase deficiency with adeno-associated virus serotype 1-mediated gene transfer of the lipoprotein lipase S447X beneficial mutation
Authors: C.J.D. Ross; J. Twisk; A.C. Bakker; F. Miao; D. Verbart; J. Rip; T. Godbey; P. Dijkhuizen; W.T.J.M.C. Hermens; J.J.P. Kastelein; J.Albert Kuivenhoven; J.M. Meulenberg; M.R. Hayden
Date Published: 11–12/2005
Expression profiling of herpesvirus and vaccinia virus proteins using a high-throughput baculovirus screening system
Authors: M. Gao; N. Brufatto; T. Chen; L.Lea Murley; R. Thalakada; M. Domagala; B. Beattie; D. Mamelak; V. Athanasopoulos; D. Johnson; G. McFadden; C. Burks; L. Frappier
Date Published: 03/2005
Effects of making emergency contraception available without a physician's prescription: a population-based study
Authors: J.A. Soon; M. Levine; B.L. Osmond; M.H.H. Ensom; D.W. Fielding
Date Published: 12/1999
X-ray crystal structure of human dopamine sulfotransferase, SULT1A3. Molecular modeling and quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis demonstrate a molecular basis for sulfotransferase substrate specificity
Authors: R. Dajani; A. Cleasby; M. Neu; A.J. Wonacott; H. Jhoti; A.M. Hood; S. Modi; A. Hersey; J. Taskinen; R.M. Cooke; G.R. Manchee; M.W. Coughtrie
Date Published: 06/1989
The biology of obsessions and compulsions
Authors: T.P. Byrne
Date Published: 03/1985
Effect of vanadate on elevated blood glucose and depressed cardiac performance of diabetic rats
Authors: C.E. Heyliger; A.G. Tahiliani; J.H. McNeill