Research Publications

Date Published: 02/2019
Evaluating the Effect of a Patient Decision Aid for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention Therapy.
Authors: P.S. Loewen; N. Bansback; J. Hicklin; J.G. Andrade; A.I. Kapanen; L. Kwan; L.D. Lynd; A. McClean; J. MacGillivray; S. Salmasi
Date Published: 01/2019
Development and Validation of the Evaluation Platform in COPD (EPIC): A Population-Based Outcomes Model of COPD for Canada
Authors: M. Sadatsafavi; S. Ghanbarian; A. Adibi; K. Johnson; M. FitzGerald; W. Flanagan; S. Bryan; D. Sin
Date Published: 01/2019
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in the Workplace With CAMMPUS (Cardiovascular Assessment and Medication Management by Pharmacists at the UBC Site).
Authors: B. Gobis; A.I. Kapanen; J. Reardon; J. Min; K.H. Li; L.D. Lynd; P.J. Zed
Date Published: 01/2019
Internet health scams-Developing a taxonomy and risk-of-deception assessment tool.
Authors: B. Garrett; S. Murphy; S. Jamal; M. MacPhee; J. Reardon; W. Cheung; E. Mallia; C. Jackson
Date Published: 12/2018
Heterogeneity in the respiratory symptoms of patients with mild-to-moderate COPD.
Authors: K.M. Johnson; A. Safari; W.C. Tan; J. Bourbeau; M. FitzGerald; M. Sadatsafavi; O.Behalf Of Study
Date Published: 12/2018
A systematic review of the adverse events and economic impact associated with oral corticosteroids in asthma.
Authors: K.Al Efraij; K.M. Johnson; D. Wiebe; M. Sadatsafavi; M. FitzGerald
Date Published: 12/2018
Dual SPECT imaging of In and Ga to simultaneously determine in vivo the pharmacokinetics of different radiopharmaceuticals: a quantitative tool in pre-clinical research.
Authors: P.L. Esquinas; C. Rodríguez-Rodríguez; T.V.F. Esposito; J. Harboe; M. Bergamo; A. Celler; K. Saatchi; V. Sossi; U.O. Häfeli
Date Published: 12/2018
PEGylated prodrugs of antidiabetic peptides amylin and GLP-1.
Authors: R. Böttger; D. Knappe; R. Hoffmann
Date Published: 12/2017
Physical Forces Modulate Oxidative Status and Stress Defense Meditated Metabolic Adaptation of Yeast Colonies: Spaceflight and Microgravity Simulations.
Authors: T.G. Hammond; P.L. Allen; M.A. Gunter; J. Chiang; G. Giaever; C. Nislow; H.H. Birdsall
Date Published: 11/2018
Analyses of Adverse Drug Reactions-Nationwide Active Surveillance Network: Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety Database.
Authors: R. Tanoshima; A. Khan; A.K. Biala; J.N. Trueman; B.I. Drögemöller; G.E.B. Wright; J.S. Hasbullah; G.S.S. Groeneweg; C.J.D. Ross; B.C. Carleton
Date Published: 11/2018
Cellular metabolism constrains innate immune responses in early human ontogeny.
Authors: B. Kan; C. Michalski; H. Fu; H.H.T. Au; K. Lee; E.A. Marchant; M.F. Cheng; E. Anderson-Baucum; M. Aharoni-Simon; P. Tilley; R.G. Mirmira; C.J. Ross; D.S. Luciani; E. Jan; P.M. Lavoie