Research Publications

Date Published: 06/2019
Transparency in Decision Modelling: What, Why, Who and How?
Authors: C.James Sampson; R. Arnold; S. Bryan; P. Clarke; S. Ekins; A. Hatswell; N. Hawkins; S. Langham; D. Marshall; M. Sadatsafavi; W. Sullivan; E.C.F. Wilson; T. Wrightson
Date Published: 06/2019
The Projected Economic and Health Burden of Uncontrolled Asthma in the United States
Authors: M. Yaghoubi; A. Adibi; A. Safari; M. FitzGerald; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 05/2019
The Paf1 Complex Broadly Impacts the Transcriptome of .
Authors: M.A. Ellison; A.R. Lederer; M.H. Warner; T.N. Mavrich; E.A. Raupach; L.E. Heisler; C. Nislow; M.T. Lee; K.M. Arndt
Date Published: 04/2019
Preventing rheumatoid arthritis: Preferences for and predicted uptake of preventive treatments among high risk individuals.
Authors: M. Harrison; L. Spooner; N. Bansback; K. Milbers; C. Koehn; K. Shojania; A. Finckh; M. Hudson
Date Published: 04/2019
Precision health: treating the individual patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Authors: M.'en Obeidat; M. Sadatsafavi; D.D. Sin
Date Published: 04/2019
Could implementation of mifepristone address Canada's urban-rural abortion access disparity: a mixed-methods implementation study protocol.
Authors: W.V. Norman; S. Munro; M. Brooks; C. Devane; E. Guilbert; R. Renner; T. Kendall; J.A. Soon; A. Waddington; M.S. Wagner; S. Dunn
Date Published: 04/2019
Lowering the P Value Threshold.
Authors: A. Adibi; D. Sin; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 04/2019
UK government's sugar reduction programme on test.
Authors: A.I. Conklin
Date Published: 03/2019
Prehospital Analgesia With Intranasal Ketamine (PAIN-K): A Randomized Double-Blind Trial in Adults.
Authors: G. Andolfatto; K. Innes; W. Dick; S. Jenneson; E. Willman; R. Stenstrom; P.J. Zed; G. Benoit
Date Published: 03/2019
Assessment of Condition and Medication Knowledge Gaps Among Atrial Fibrillation Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Authors: S. Salmasi; M.A. De Vera; A. Barry; N. Bansback; M. Harrison; L.D. Lynd; P.S. Loewen
Date Published: 02/2020
Economic burden of multimorbidity in patients with severe asthma: a 20-year population-based study
Authors: W. Chen; A. Safari; M. FitzGerald; D.D. Sin; H. Tavakoli; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 02/2019
Pharmacy student-led blood pressure clinic as part of a comprehensive approach to teaching blood pressure assessment.
Authors: R.D. Turgeon; S.L. Koshman; J.M. Seubert; A.E. Thompson
Date Published: 02/2019
IMMAN: an R/Bioconductor package for Interolog protein network reconstruction, mapping and mining analysis.
Authors: M. Ashtiani; P. Nickchi; S. Jahangiri-Tazehkand; A. Safari; M. Mirzaie; M. Jafari