Research Publications

Date Published: 10/2018
Bridging the gap: An evaluation of self-paced online transition modules for advanced pharmacy practice experience students.
Authors: P. Tchen; L. Leung; F. Simpson; A. Kim-Sing; M.L. Pearson
Date Published: 10/2018
Exploring facilitators and barriers to medication error reporting among healthcare professionals in Qatar using the theoretical domains framework: A mixed-methods approach.
Authors: D. Stewart; B. Thomas; K. MacLure; K. Wilbur; K. Wilby; A. Pallivalapila; A. Dijkstra; C. Ryan; W.El Kassem; A. Awaisu; J.S. McLay; R. Singh; M.Al Hail
Date Published: 10/2018
Sputum Microbiome is Associated with 1-Year Mortality Following COPD Hospitalizations.
Authors: F.Sergio Lei Filho; N.M. Alotaibi; D. Ngan; S. Tam; J. Yang; Z. Hollander; V. Chen; M. FitzGerald; C. Nislow; J.M. Leung; S.F.Paul Man; D.D. Sin
Date Published: 10/2018
Long-term effects of inhaled corticosteroids on bone mineral density in older women with asthma or COPD: a registry-based cohort study.
Authors: W. Chen; K.M. Johnson; M. FitzGerald; M. Sadatsafavi; W.D. Leslie
Date Published: 10/2018
Evaluation of kinetic data: What the numbers tell us about PRMTs.
Authors: A. Frankel; J.I. Brown
Date Published: 10/2018
Impact of 13-pneumococcal conjugate vaccine among adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Authors: N.Khatri Vadlamudi; A. Chen; F. Marra
Date Published: 10/2018
Intranasal Lidocaine for Acute Management of Primary Headaches: A Systematic Review.
Authors: R. Dagenais; P.J. Zed
Date Published: 10/2018
Current perspectives on pharmacist home visits: do we keep reinventing the wheel?
Authors: P.S. Flanagan; A. Barns
Date Published: 10/2017
Prevention and Treatment of Hyponatremia in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review
Authors: K. Shah; R.D. Turgeon; P.A. Gooderham; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 09/2018
Common variation near IRF6 is associated with IFN-β-induced liver injury in multiple sclerosis.
Authors: K. Kowalec; G.E.B. Wright; B.I. Drögemöller; F. Aminkeng; A.P. Bhavsar; E. Kingwell; E.M. Yoshida; A. Traboulsee; R.Ann Marrie; M. Kremenchutzky; T.L. Campbell; P. Duquette; N. Chalasani; M. Wadelius; P. Hallberg; Z. Xia; P.L. De Jager; J.C. Denny; M.F. Davis; C.J.D. Ross; H. Tremlett; B.C. Carleton
Date Published: 09/2018
Perspectives of healthcare professionals in Qatar on causes of medication errors: A mixed methods study of safety culture.
Authors: D. Stewart; B. Thomas; K. MacLure; A. Pallivalapila; W.El Kassem; A. Awaisu; J.S. McLay; K. Wilbur; K. Wilby; C. Ryan; A. Dijkstra; R. Singh; M.Al Hail
Date Published: 09/2018
Understanding ethno-cultural differences in cardiac medication adherence behavior: a Canadian study.
Authors: K. King-Shier; H. Quan; C. Mather; E. Chong; P. LeBlanc; N. Khan