Research Publications

Date Published: 08/2018
Gain-of-function KCNJ6 Mutation in a Severe Hyperkinetic Movement Disorder Phenotype.
Authors: G.A. Horvath; Y. Zhao; M. Tarailo-Graovac; C. Boelman; H. Gill; C. Shyr; J. Lee; I. Blydt-Hansen; B.I. Drögemöller; J. Moreland; C.J. Ross; W.W. Wasserman; A. Masotti; P.A. Slesinger; C.D.M. van Karnebeek
Date Published: 08/2018
Output from the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network international postdoctoral fellowship for capacity building in HIV clinical trials.
Authors: L. Mbuagbaw; A.L. Slogrove; J. Sas; J.Lengwe Kunda; F. Morfaw; J.K. Mukonzo; W. Cao; G. Ngomba-Kadima; M. Zunza; P. Ongolo-Zogo; P.N. Nana; A. Cockcroft; N. Andersson; N. Sewankambo; M.F. Cotton; T. Li; T. Young; J. Singer; J.P. Routy; C.Jd Ross; K. Thin; L. Thabane; A.H. Anis
Date Published: 07/2018
Perspectives of patients, first-degree relatives and rheumatologists on preventive treatments for rheumatoid arthritis: a qualitative analysis.
Authors: S. Munro; L. Spooner; K. Milbers; M. Hudson; C. Koehn; M. Harrison
Date Published: 07/2018
Genome sequencing reveals a novel genetic mechanism underlying dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency: A novel missense variant c.1700G>A and a large intragenic inversion in DPYD spanning intron 8 to intron 12.
Authors: A.B.P. van Kuilenburg; M. Tarailo-Graovac; J. Meijer; B. Drogemoller; J. Vockley; D. Maurer; D. Dobritzsch; C.J. Ross; W. Wasserman; R. Meinsma; L. Zoetekouw; C.D.M. van Karnebeek
Date Published: 07/2018
Self-paced online learning modules for pharmacy practice educators: Development and preliminary evaluation.
Authors: N. Dhaliwal; F. Simpson; A. Kim-Sing
Date Published: 07/2018
Primary care and the RCMP: Unexpected partnership in opioid harm reduction.
Authors: A.R. Barry; C.E. Chris
Date Published: 07/2018
Detection of opioids in umbilical cord lysates: an antibody-based rapid screening approach.
Authors: S.J. Knight; A.D. Smith; T.E. Wright; A.C. Collier
Date Published: 07/2018
Gender, stressful life events and interactions with sleep: a systematic review of determinants of adiposity in young people.
Authors: A.I. Conklin; S.Xr Guo; A.Ct Tam; C.G. Richardson
Date Published: 05/2018
The Genomic Consultation Service: A clinical service designed to improve patient selection for genome-wide sequencing in British Columbia.
Authors: A.M. Elliott; Cdu Souich; S. Adam; N. Dragojlovic; C. van Karnebeek; T.N. Nelson; A. Lehman; L.D. Lynd; J.M. Friedman
Date Published: 04/2018
Prioritizing intraprofessional collaboration for optimal patient care: A call to action.
Authors: B. Gobis; A. Yu; J. Reardon; M. Nystrom; K. Grindrod; L. McCarthy
Date Published: 04/2018
Does Ethnic Identification Moderate the Impact of Depression on Obesity in Young People? Results of a Systematic Scoping Review
Authors: A.I. Conklin; A.C.T. Tam; S.X.R. Guo; C.G. Richardson
Date Published: 03/2018
When zebras run with horses - inherited metabolic diseases come mainstream.
Authors: S. Sirrs; L. Lynd
Date Published: 03/2018
Evaluating the use of parental reports to estimate health care resource utilization in children with suspected genetic disorders
Authors: N. Dragojlovic; E. Kim; A.M. Elliott; J.M. Friedman; L.D. Lynd