Research Publications

Date Published: 01/2018
The cost and diagnostic yield of exome sequencing for children with suspected genetic disorders: a benchmarking study
Authors: N. Dragojlovic; A.M. Elliott; S. Adam; C. van Karnebeek; A. Lehman; J.C. Mwenifumbo; T.N. Nelson; èledu Souich; J.M. Friedman; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 12/2017
Economic policy and the double burden of malnutrition: cross-national longitudinal analysis of minimum wage and women's underweight and obesity.
Authors: A.I. Conklin; N.A. Ponce; C.M. Crespi; J. Frank; A. Nandi; J. Heymann
Date Published: 12/2017
Penetration of Vancomycin into the Cerebrospinal Fluid: A Systematic Review.
Authors: J.E. Beach; J. Perrott; R.D. Turgeon; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 10/2017
Revolutionizing Therapeutic Drug Monitoring with the Use of Interstitial Fluid and Microneedles Technology
Authors: T. Kiang; S. Ranamukhaarachchi; M. Ensom
Date Published: 09/2017
The effects of UDP-sugars, UDP and Mg(2+)on uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase activity in human liver microsomes.
Authors: G. Walia; A.D. Smith; Z. Riches; A.C. Collier; M.W.H. Coughtrie
Date Published: 09/2017
The Duality of Economic Issues With Medication Non-adherence in Patients With Inflammatory Arthritis.
Authors: N.K.J. Campbell; K. Saadeldin; M.A. De Vera
Date Published: 09/2017
The Role of Noncomparative Evidence in Health Technology Assessment Decisions
Authors: E.A. Griffiths; R. Macaulay; N.K. Vadlamudi; J. Uddin; E.R. Samuels
Date Published: 08/2017
Population Pharmacokinetics of Mycophenolic Acid: An Update
Authors: T.K.L. Kiang; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 07/2017
Impact of Genetic Polymorphisms on Phenytoin Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Outcomes in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Authors: R. Dagenais; K.John Wilby; H. Elewa; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 07/2017
The validity of the SF-12 and SF-6D instruments in people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
Authors: A.R. Patel; R.T. Lester; C.A. Marra; M.L. van der Kop; P. Ritvo; L. Engel; S. Karanja; L.D. Lynd