Research Publications

Date Published: 06/2016
Population-based evaluation of the effectiveness of two regimens for emergency contraception
Authors: V. W Y Leung; J.A. Soon; L.D. Lynd; C.A. Marra; M. Levine
Date Published: 06/2016
Attitude to health risk in the Canadian population: a cross-sectional survey
Authors: N. Bansback; M. Harrison; M. Sadatsfavi; A. Stiggelbout; D.G.T. Whitehurst
Date Published: 05/2016
The identification of novel genetic variants associated with antipsychotic treatment response outcomes in first-episode schizophrenia patients
Authors: B.I. Drögemöller; R. Emsley; B. Chiliza; L. van der Merwe; G.E.B. Wright; M. Daya; E. Hoal; A.K. Malhotra; T. Lencz; D.G. Robinson; J.P. Zhang; L. Asmal; D.J.H. Niehaus; L. Warnich
Date Published: 05/2016
Applying the guidelines for pharmacists integrating into primary care teams
Authors: A.R. Barry; R.T. Pammett
Date Published: 05/2016
Preferences for 'New' Treatments Diminish in the Face of Ambiguity
Authors: M. Harrison; C.A. Marra; N. Bansback
Date Published: 04/2016
Medical Abortion
Authors: D. Costescu; E. Guilbert; J. Bernardin; A. Black; S. Dunn; B. Fitzsimmons; W.V. Norman; H. Pymar; J. Soon; K. Trouton; M.S. Wagner; E. Wiebe
Date Published: 04/2016
Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults
Authors: A.R. Barry; D.E. O'Neill; M.M. Graham
Date Published: 04/2016
Systematic Review of Efficacy, Pharmacokinetics, and Administration of Intraventricular Aminoglycosides in Adults
Authors: M. LeBras; I. Chow; V.H. Mabasa; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 04/2016
The heparan sulfate sulfotransferase 3-OST3A (HS3ST3A) is a novel tumor regulator and a prognostic marker in breast cancer
Authors: X. Mao; C. Gauche; M.W.H. Coughtrie; C. Bui; S. Gulberti; F. Merhi-Soussi; N. Ramalanjaona; I. Bertin-Jung; A. Diot; D. Dumas; D.Freitas Caires; A.M. Thompson; J.C. Bourdon; M. Ouzzine; S. Fournel-Gigleux
Date Published: 04/2016
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
Authors: C.P. Walz; A.R. Barry; S.L. Koshman
Date Published: 04/2016
Modifying the tumor microenvironment using nanoparticle therapeutics
Authors: A. Roy; S.D. Li
Date Published: 03–04/2016
Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug use in pregnant women with rheumatic diseases: a systematic review of the risk of congenital malformations
Authors: C. Baldwin; A. Avina-Zubieta; S.K. Rai; E. Carruthers; M.A. De Vera