Research Publications

Date Published: 03/2016
Opioid Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics: Clinical Implications in Acute Pain Management in Trauma
Authors: M. MacKenzie; P.J. Zed; M.H.H. Ensom
Date Published: 02/2016
Anemia and Micronutrient Status of Women of Childbearing Age and Children 6–59 Months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Authors: S. Harvey-Leeson; C. Karakochuk; M. Hawes; P. Tugirimana; E. Bahizire; P. Akilimali; K. Michaux; L. Lynd; K. Whitfield; M. Moursi; E. Boy; J. Foley; J. McLean; L. Houghton; R. Gibson; T. Green
Date Published: 02/2016
Population-based evaluation of the effectiveness of two regimens for emergency contraception
Authors: V.W.Y. Leung; J.A. Soon; L.D. Lynd; C.A. Marra; M. Levine
Date Published: 02/2016
A Parallel Synthesis Approach to the Identification of Novel Diheteroarylamide-Based Compounds Blocking HIV Replication: Potential Inhibitors of HIV-1 Pre-mRNA Alternative Splicing
Authors: P.K. Cheung; D. Horhant; L.E. Bandy; M. Zamiri; S.M. Rabea; S.K. Karagiosov; M. Matloobi; S. McArthur; R. Harrigan; B. Chabot; D.S. Grierson
Date Published: 02/2016
Mono- and Difluorination of Benz­ylic Carbon Atoms
Authors: A. Koperniku; H. Liu; P.B. Hurley
Date Published: 02/2016
Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Lung Cancer Screening Strategies Using Low-Dose Computed Tomography: a Systematic Review
Authors: A.J.N. Raymakers; J. Mayo; S. Lam; M. FitzGerald; D.G.T. Whitehurst; L.D. Lynd
Date Published: 01/2016
Medications Used in Evidence-Based Regimens for Medical Abortion: An Overview
Authors: J.A. Soon; D. Costescu; E. Guilbert
Date Published: 01/2016
The natural history of severe asthma and influences of early risk factors: a population-based cohort study
Authors: W. Chen; C.A. Marra; L.D. Lynd; M. FitzGerald; Z. Zafari; M. Sadatsafavi
Date Published: 01/2016
Factors associated with pharmacists perceptions of their working conditions and safety and effectiveness of patient care
Authors: N.W. Tsao; L.D. Lynd; L. Gastonguay; K. Li; B. Nakagawa; C.A. Marra
Date Published: 01/2016
The UBC Pharmacists Clinic: A catalyst for practice change
Authors: B. Gobis; L. Leung; J. Min; R. Thalakada; J. Reardon; P.J. Zed
Date Published: 01/2016
Student and faculty perceptions of student evaluations of teaching in a Canadian pharmacy school
Authors: I. Iqbal; J.D. Lee; M.L. Pearson; S.P. Albon
Date Published: 01/2016
Synthesis of a Gemcitabine Prodrug for Remote Loading into Liposomes and Improved Therapeutic Effect
Authors: J.P. May; E. Undzys; A. Roy; S.D. Li