Research Publications

Date Published: 01/2016
Student and faculty perceptions of student evaluations of teaching in a Canadian pharmacy school
Authors: I. Iqbal; J.D. Lee; M.L. Pearson; S.P. Albon
Date Published: 01/2016
Synthesis of a Gemcitabine Prodrug for Remote Loading into Liposomes and Improved Therapeutic Effect
Authors: J.P. May; E. Undzys; A. Roy; S.D. Li
Pharmacist and pharmacy student perceptions of a competency-based national licensing exam for entry to pharmacy practice in Qatar: A qualitative study
Authors: J. Reardon; D. Rainkie; E. Black; K. Wilby; B. Mukhalalati; S. Aboulsoud; S.I. Khalifa; Z. Austin
Date Published: 2015
Genetic variants in SLC22A17 and SLC22A7 are associated with anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in children
Authors: H. Visscher; R. Rassekh; G.S. Sandor; H.N. Caron; E.C. van Dalen; L.C. Kremer; H.J. van der Pal; P.C. Rogers; M.J. Rieder; B.C. Carleton; M.R. Hayden; C.J. Ross
Date Published: 2015
Adverse Drug Events in Children: How Big is the Problem?
Authors: P.J. Zed
Date Published: 2015
The Effects of Obesity on Drug Metabolism in Children
Authors: S.G. Oeser; L.R.A. Rougee; A.C. Collier
Date Published: 2015
Healthcare Worker Preferences for Active Tuberculosis Case Finding Programs in South Africa: A Best-Worst Scaling Choice Experiment
Authors: N.N. O'Hara; L. Roy; L.M. O'Hara; J.M. Spiegel; L.D. Lynd; M. FitzGerald; A. Yassi; L.E. Nophale; C.A. Marra
Date Published: 12/2015
A Comprehensive Study of Osteogenic Calcium Phosphate Silicate Cement: Material Characterization and In Vitro/In Vivo Testing
Authors: T. Gong; Z. Wang; Y. Zhang; Y. Zhang; M. Hou; X. Liu; Y. Wang; L. Zhao; D. Ruse; T. Troczynski; U.O. ä feli
Date Published: 12/2015
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Voriconazole in the Management of Invasive Fungal Infections: A Critical Review
Authors: H. Elewa; E. El-Mekaty; A. El-Bardissy; M.H.H. Ensom; K.John Wilby
Date Published: 12/2015
The Pharmacokinetics of Second-Generation Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics: Limitations of Monograph Values
Authors: L.Hang N. Lee; C. Choi; A.C. Collier; A.M. Barr; W.G. Honer; R.M. Procyshyn
Date Published: 12/2015
BCRP protein levels do not differ regionally in adult human livers, but decline in the elderly
Authors: Z. Riches; N. Abanda; A.C. Collier
Date Published: 11/2015
Emergency Procedural Sedation With Propofol in Older Teenagers: Any Cause for Concern?
Authors: S.G. Campbell; S. MacPhee; M. Butler; P.J. Zed; P. Froese; M.L. Watson; R. MacKinley