Resources and Training

The Office of Experiential Education at UBC Pharm Sci is here to help you feel as prepared and supported as possible during your time as a practice educator—no matter where you are in the province. On these pages, you'll find links to our self-paced learning modules, teaching techniques and other supports we've put in place for our clinical faculty. Check back often, as we also post information here about upcoming events for our practice educators.


Visit the Practice Educator Resource Centre

Your online training hub, the Practice Educator Resource Centre offers self-paced learning modules as well as videos of previous practice educator workshops.



Learn more about our Practice Educator Learning Modules, as well as events, workshops and handbooks designed to help you every step of the way.


Practice Educator Events

The OEE offers workshops and other educational experiences that are designed specifically for clinical faculty. We also honour our practice educators with appreciation events!


Online Evaluations

One of the greatest values to student pharmacists are the evaluations from their practice educators. Ongoing feedback, regular assessment and reflective discussion is what really takes our learners from good to great.

How to create an E*Value login and password

How to complete evaluations on E*Value - Practice Educator