Name Position Unit Contact
Frank S. Abbott
Professor and Dean Emeritus
(604) 822-2566
Simon Albon
Professor of Teaching, Director
Office of Educational Support and Development (OESD)
(604) 822-2497
Helen M. Burt
(604) 822-2440
Brian Cairns
(604) 822-7715
Thomas Chang
Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Associate Dean pro tem, Research
Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
(604) 822-7795
Abby C. Collier
Associate Professor
(604) 827-2380
Annalijn Conklin
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-4258
Michael Coughtrie
Professor and Dean
Office of the Dean
(604) 827-2178
Mary De Vera
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-2138
Neelam Dhaliwal
Lecturer and Coordinator (On Mat Leave)
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(604) 827-4243