Name Position Unit Research Area Contact
Arleni Abanto
Senior Program Assistant
Office of Experiential Education (OEE)
(604) 822-0433
Frank S. Abbott
Professor and Dean Emeritus
(604) 822-2566
Simon Albon
Professor of Teaching, Associate Director
Office of Educational Support and Development (OESD)
(604) 822-2497
Jason Asnis
MSc Student
Mohammad Atiquzzaman
MSc Student
Marylou Avila
Financial & Administrative Assistant
Office of the Dean
(604) 827-1844
Rehana Aziz
Office of Operations & Facilities Management
(604) 822-7025
Stelvio Bandiera
(604) 822-3815
Arden Barry
Assistant Professor - Partner
Leisa Belanger
Director, Finance
Office of the Dean
(604) 827-1930