Our academic programs span the full continuum of learning, from professional undergraduate studies and specialized graduate-level training through to continuing education. UBC is one of the best pharmaceutical sciences schools in the world; our expert researchers work at the leading edge of their fields, whether it be in pharmacy practice, foundational science, health systems or policy. We are committed to best practices in teaching, combining state-of-the-art learning technology with an innovative, forward-thinking approach to delivering curriculum. Whether you're just starting out, are planning a career in research, or have been practising for decades, UBC Pharm Sci offers the training and expertise to keep you out in front of this rewarding, evolving field. 

Undergraduate Studies

Pharmacy has a rich history as one of the most respected and trusted professions. It’s stimulating and rewarding—and it's also rapidly changing. With more drugs than ever before, people living longer and with more complex conditions, and governments broadening the scope of pharmacy delivery, the field is ever-evolving. Our undergraduate program prepares you to tackle these changes head on with experiential, team-based and patient-centred learning.

Entry-to-Practice PharmD Degree

Flex PharmD Degree

Graduate Studies

If you're passionate about health sciences research that makes a difference in people's lives, you're in good hands. We offer award-winning graduate studies programs led by world-class researchers who are regularly involved in pilot projects. You'll have access to top-tier facilities and be working alongside the best and brightest in the field, conducting research that addresses real problems among the population. Our paradigm-changing approach is collaborative, innovative and results-driven. 

MSc Degree

PhD Degree

Non-Degree Programs

We are dedicated to offering the latest and most relevant knowledge and practices to our community of pharmacists in BC. Whether you're in a hospital setting, a community pharmacy, are moving to Canada or are returning to pharmacy practice after a prolonged absence, you can choose from among several non-degree programs to expand or update your skills.

Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development

Canadian Pharmacy Practice Programme

Pharmacy Practice Residency

Community Pharmacy Residency