Pharmacy Residency

Train for a rewarding career in hospital pharmacy with UBC's postgraduate Pharmacy Residency. After your year-long residency, you'll have the knowledge and skills to provide exemplary patient care. The Pharmacy Residency also provides the foundation for you to pursue other aspects of pharmacy practice, should you so desire.

How to Apply


Learn What it Takes to Provide Exemplary Care

Through structured rotations in pharmacy practice, education, research and administration, the Pharmacy Residency program at UBC aims to prepare pharmacists for challenging and innovative careers in pharmacy practice. The objective of this 12-month program is to offer experiential learning, largely in the institutional setting, using practitioner role models.

There are approximately 50 residency positions available in BC every year. Some of them are new, while others are with institutions that have offered the program as far back as 1970. Check the individual program pages for the number of positions offered.


Admission Requirements