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You're a part of history—our history. At the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC, you share our roots, traditions and teachings. We love that we've all been through it together—and we'd love to stay in touch.

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Stay connected wherever in the world your career path takes you. You're always a part of UBC Pharm Sci. Keep your information updated with us, and you'll never fall out of the loop.

Visit or call (604) 827-1411. We'll be happy to update your contact information in the university-wide alumni database. Alternatively, you can do so yourself through a quick online submission.

Interactive Alumni Yearbook

Housed in the Story of Medicines exhibit, the Interactive Alumni Yearbook is a unique experience that allows you to search for your classmates and instructors. You're in there, too! Expand on the basic information in your profile by filling out our online form, and share your recent professional and personal accomplishments with your fellow alumni.


Our monthly e-newsletter keeps you up to date and informed about the latest faculty and alumni news and achievements. It also provides event information and reunion updates. Read the latest issue.


During your studies at UBC, you shared all the excitement and hard work of learning your profession with your graduating class. Reunions are an excellent opportunity to reconnect, reminisce, network with your fellow classmates and learn all about the exciting new changes happening at UBC Pharm Sci.

Our alumni relations manager, Shina Boparai, can supply a class list, provide guidance and support, assist with programming suggestions, and help ensure your reunion will be memorable. If you’re thinking about a reunion for your class’s next big milestone, drop Shina a line at