You're a successful and thriving member of the global community. You're a trusted expert in your field, sharing your knowledge and expertise with the people you serve. You're a UBC Pharm Sci grad. And we're intensely proud of that. At UBC Pharm Sci, we have graduated thousands of competent and caring health care professionals and scientists. But your relationship doesn’t end with graduation. We encourage you to stay in touch so we can celebrate your accomplishments, update you on all that's new and exciting at your alma mater, and provide you with resources for your professional development. Your support and ongoing involvement is what makes us the strong and outstanding faculty we are.

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It’s a Wrap! Celebrating 70 years of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Program

With the advent of the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program, the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program has closed. In conjunction with alumni UBC Homecoming Day, we will be hosting a “Wrap Party” to celebrate the program and its 70 years of graduates. Take in a stimulating continuing education session in the morning; enjoy the afternoon on campus with free access to UBC attractions, a Homecoming Festival and the traditional Homecoming football game at Thunderbird Stadium; and join your classmates, other BSc(Pharm) alumni and the Faculty for a delicious banquet dinner and a trip down memory lane in the evening.

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