• It’s a Wrap! Celebrating 70 years of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Program

    We will be hosting a “Wrap Party” to celebrate the program and its 70 years of graduates.

  • UBC Pharm Sci assistant professor receives MSFHR Scholar Award

  • Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2019

    Organized by Dr. Urs Häfeli, this symposium will bring together 300 renowned Canadian and international experts from across the nanomedicines field to highlight the discoveries and innovations in nanomedicines and provide unique networking opportunities.

  • Graduate Student Conversations

    UBC Pharm Sci PhD candidate Louis Lin on exam prep, PharGS, and the second branch of pharmacology.

  • Discover Flex PharmD

    The UBC Flexible Doctor of Pharmacy (Flex PharmD) program is for pharmacists who wish to advance their careers by attaining the PharmD degree while continuing to work full-time or part-time. Join us for an upcoming information session.

  • Join us

    We are innovators in pharmacy education, research and practice, with the goal of supporting the optimization of drug therapy in the pursuit of improved patient outcomes.

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