• 2020 Alumni Agent of Change - Virtual Event

    We invite you to celebrate our 2020 Alumni Agent of Change and our Alumni Future Agent of Change at a special virtual event hosted by Dean Michael Coughtrie.

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences researchers included in $19M awarded to UBC in CIHR Spring 2020 Project Grant Competition

  • Faculty welcomes inaugural Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences class

  • COVID-19 Information

    This section of the website provides Coronavirus (COVID-19) information specific to students, staff, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC.

  • UBC COVID-19 Research

    UBC researchers across all disciplines are responding to COVID-19. They are working to develop treatments and prevent its spread, and are bringing multi-faceted approaches to gain a deeper understanding of its impacts.

  • Program accreditation announcement

    The Doctor of Pharmacy program of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia has been awarded Accreditation status by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs for a six-year term ending June 30, 2026.


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