Name Position Unit Contact
Adam Frankel
Associate Professor
(604) 822-7146
Jimi Galvão
Director, Communications and Marketing
Office of Communications and Marketing
(604) 827-3309
Morgan Garvin
Manager, Systems Administration and Support
Office of Educational Technology and Learning Designs (OETLD)
Louise Gastonguay
Clinical Research Manager, CORE
(604) 827-1567
Patricia Gerber
Senior Instructor and Director, Degree Programs for Pharmacists
(604) 813-5390
Guri Giaever
Associate Professor
(604) 827-1789
Barbara Gobis
Pharmacists Clinic
(604) 827-0313
Moira Greaven
Administrative Support
(604) 822-8402
David Grierson
Professor Emeritus
Jon Grosshuesch
Lecturer, IA
(604) 827-5046