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Brent Page

BSc, PhD
Assistant Professor

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Email Address brent.page@ubc.ca
Office 5511, Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

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Dr. Brent Page completed his bachelor of science in chemistry at the University of British Columbia and a doctor of philosophy in chemistry from the University of Toronto. As a Canadian Institutes of Health Research postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Page completed postdoctoral studies at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) before starting a research group at the Karolinska as an assistant professor. Dr. Page runs a medicinal chemistry and chemical biology group as an assistant professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC and maintains a research team at the Karolinska Institute in the Department of Oncology and Pathology.

Dr. Page enjoys teaching introductory organic and chemical biology courses as well as advanced courses in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry.

The Page Lab is focused on developing small molecule inhibitors for disease-relevant targets, with a specific focus on anti-cancer drug discovery. Our medicinal chemistry program aims to identify potent and selective inhibitors for newly discovered or difficult-to-target proteins that have important roles in cancer or other diseases. Within this process, we rely on state-of-the-art chemical biology techniques to guide our structure activity relationship studies. This allows us to optimize compounds for how well they bind their targets in biological settings and further enables their use as tool compounds to help better understand the roles of target proteins within disease models.

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