Alumni Profile: Barbara Gobis, BSc(Pharm)’86

Image: Barbara Gobis, BSc(Pharm)’86. Director, UBC Pharmacists Clinic.

What has your experience been as a pharmacist during this pandemic?

I’m getting a lot of requests from people for help to understand the facts in the information storm accompanying this pandemic. This means I need to stay current, use reliable sources and choose my words in ways that are helpful to others. 

What has inspired you about the health care response to COVID-19?

I am grateful to live in Canada. I’m also extremely grateful to our leaders and health care colleagues for their remarkable efforts in these extremely stressful times.

What are some things that have helped you stay positive through the last few weeks that you can share with others? 

I am following the advice of astronaut Chris Hadfield and creating missions for myself each day, and taking satisfaction in completing these missions. One priority mission is to stay connected to my community. Each day I reach out to a handful of people by phone, text or video call to let them know I care and listen to their stories. I’m much better connected now than I was before. Also, as a cancer survivor, I have a bit of experience with life altering events. I have faith that we collectively will come through this and move forward successfully in new and, yet unimagined, ways.

Overall, what accomplishments are you most proud of in your life?

Raising my two sons to be fine young men, going back to school as an adult to become a credentialed organizational coach (which gave me skills that I use every day), and becoming a stand-up comedienne (now retired).

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

Brad Bond, my CEO at Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd, who showed me how to be a courageous agent of change. 

What UBC moments are you still talking about? 

Making gentian violet solution in the pristine white practice lab, the AMS Student Council retreat at Whistler, and the Toastmasters Communication course with Marguerite Yee.