Faculty launches Data Analytics, Statistics and Informatics suite

Today, the University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences launches the Data Analytics, Statistics and Informatics (DASI) suite, a unique new service offering designed to serve the research community. 

DASI was founded with a goal to enhance the quality of research outputs through improving the analytical and methodological components of each project. 

“The creation of DASI is a forward-thinking initiative by the Faculty,” says Dr. Larry Lynd, professor and associate dean research, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

“Data generated through modern research pipelines is increasingly rich and complex. With DASI, researchers will have immediate access to analytical expertise without needing to recruit, train, or retain specialized staff of their own.”

Dr. Abdollah Safari

Image: Dr. Abdollah Safari

DASI head and statistician Dr. Abdollah Safari notes that DASI has the potential to greatly impact UBC’s research output.

“Our hope is that DASI will help primary investigators obtain research funds and publications,” he says.

“I am thrilled to join UBC as head of this exciting initiative and I look forward to collaborating with researchers to conduct high-quality statistical analyses.”

DASI offers a wide variety of analytic services, including design and analysis of clinical trials and observational research, descriptive statistics, predictive modeling, causal inference, mediation, sensitivity analysis, before/after analysis, Bayesian inference, implementation of Machine Learning algorithms, survey data analysis, survival analysis, meta analysis, graphical models, classification and clustering, Markov models, time series models, Bayesian networks, and the development of novel statistical techniques.

“The Faculty has a proven track record in research excellence and we are pleased to launch this initiative to help better serve our research community,” Dr. Lynd explains.

Services will be offered on hourly, subscription, or project-based support models. The initial consultation session will be provided free of charge. To learn more, visit https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/dasi.