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The UBC Pharmacists Clinic is a university-affiliated, pharmacist-led patient care clinic that is one of the first of its kind in North America, offering a unique health care environment that integrates the commitment to the best in patient care with teaching and a living lab environment that supports health service innovation and research.


Nov 2013 First patient received care
Aug 2014 First undergraduate student completed an education rotation
Sep 2015 First practice research project started
May 2016 Start of on-going collaboration with First Nations Health Authority and First Nation communities
Jan 2017 First issue of Our Practice newsletter published
Jun 2018 Milestone - Over 10,000 patients received care
Jun 2018 Minister of Health announces funding to expand Clinic service model across province
Jan 2019 Clinic receives Quality Award from the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council
Apr 2019 Clinic featured in Innovation in Primary Care report
Mar 2020 100% virtual service implemented (due to COVID-19)
Oct 2020 Start of Pharmacists in Primary Care Network (PCN) Program


  • Patients access service by referral from a health care professional or by self-referral
  • Five models of patient care:
    • Consultation Model – patients receive care from a pharmacist located at the UBC Clinic site.
    • Co-Located Model – patients receive care from a pharmacist located in a medical practice.
    • Telephone – patients receive care from a pharmacist by telephone.
    • Telehealth – patients receive care from a pharmacist by secure telehealth/videoconference.
    • Community-Based – patients in remote communities receive care from a pharmacist by telephone, telehealth and at in-person community visits.
  • Comprehensive medication management service includes:
    • Reconciliation and review of all prescription non-prescription, supplement and natural health products.
    • Education and information for patients, caregivers and family members.
    • Identification and resolution of drug therapy problems via detailed action plans and recommendations.
    • Collaboration with patients and their health care team, including physicians and other pharmacists.
    • Follow-up of patient progress with medications to optimize outcomes.
  • Group education events, outreach education and health awareness initiatives.


  • An experiential education site for pharmacy students (undergraduate, residency, graduate) and others
  • Supports the academic program by connecting learners to practice with experiential education, course resource materials, course participation, case studies and other initiatives.


The Clinic is a living laboratory and site for pharmacy practice, education and health outcomes research. Results of the first large-scale research project called for Cardiovascular Assessment and Medication Management by Pharmacists at the UBC Site (CAMMPUS) were published in January 2019. Additional publications available here.

Physical Space


  • Mezzanine level of the Pharmaceutical Sciences building, UBC Vancouver Campus


  • Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and statutory holidays


  • 16:  5 consultation rooms, 5 offices, 2 administrative spaces, 2 meeting rooms, 1 reception area, 1 utility room
  • Consultation rooms are equipped with:
    • electronic medical record and pharmacy software;
    • physical assessment equipment;
    • access to CareConnect, Excelleris and point of care equipment for lab values to monitor patient progress; and 
    • audiovisual equipment that can be activated for teaching purposes.


  • The clinic is fully funded by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, grants and program funding from the BC Ministry of Health and First Nations Health Authority.
  • The Clinic is not a for-profit enterprise.
  • General services are provided at no cost to patients.
  • Patients may be charged for extra supplies, when needed, when not funded elsewhere.


  • Administrative team: director, asst. director, manager, research coordinator, patient support/receptionist (5 FTE) 
  • Clinical team: clinical pharmacists (5.2 FTE)

Statistics (to March 31, 2021)

Fiscal year (Apr-Mar) Cumulative
Months in operation 89
Clinical Pharmacists* 5.2 FTE
Patients** 18,696
Referral Source 64% physician, 36% other (pharmacist, hospital, patient self-referral)
Service Model 68% consultation, 32% co-location
Learners 825
Outreach Events

* FTE = full time equivalent

** most patients have multiple appointment