Admissions and Finances

Admission Requirements

The academic backgrounds of our PhD applicants vary by training and country of origin. Our admission requirements take this into consideration. Learn more about what you need to apply.

What Do I Need To Apply?


There are a number of deadlines associated with the Pharm Sci PhD program, including the application deadline for admission. Please check your dates, as the admission deadline changes yearly. UBC must receive all supporting documentation before the deadline, so be sure start your application well ahead of time.

What's My Deadline?

Fees and Financial Assistance

Application and tuition fees for the Pharm Sci PhD program vary for domestic and international students. Take the time to understand these fees, and to investigate your options for financial support so that you can plan your finances accordingly.

More about Fees and Financial Assistance

International Applicants

Over 50% of UBC Pharm Sci graduate students are international in origin. Our students originate from countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as from the United States.

Details for International Applicants

How To Apply

Applying to the Pharm Sci PhD program involves several steps, beginning with determining whether we have a research program in your area of interest. We have laid out the steps to follow in completing your application.

How to Apply

Finding a Graduate Supervisor

Although you are not required to have been accepted by a supervisor at the time you apply, you should note in your application which supervisors interest you the most.

Search Supervisors

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