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The Office of Experiential Education at UBC Pharm Sci is always on the lookout for top-notch clinical faculty and excellent sites for student placement. On this page, you'll find a thorough explanation of the qualities we're looking for.

UBC's Entry-to-Practice programs currently offer two types of practice pharmacy experiences: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). To learn which experience is best suited to your practice site, contact our office. A member of our office will get in touch to help you determine the best match. When we connect with you to talk about your site, we'll walk you through the practice educator registration process, too.


Qualities and Values of the Ideal Practice Educator

UBC Pharm Sci strives to identify practice educators who will act as positive role models for student pharmacists and who, in general, demonstrate the following behaviour, qualities and values as applicable to their area of practice:

  • Practice ethically and with compassion for patients.
  • Accept personal responsibility for patient outcomes.
  • Are willing to complete the self-paced online Practice Educator Development Modules on our OEE Practice Educator Resource Centre.
  • Possess professional training, experience, and competence commensurate with their position.
  • Utilize clinical and scientific publications in clinical care decision-making and evidence-based practice.
  • Have a desire to educate others (patients, caregivers, other health care professionals, students, pharmacy residents), and are familiar with the learning activities for the practicum they are overseeing.
  • Possess an aptitude for facilitating learning, and a willingness to provide ongoing feedback.
  • Be able to evaluate, assess and document student performance, and submit an assessment of the student's progress to UBC.
  • Have a systematic, self-directed approach to their own continuing professional development.
  • Collaborate with other health care professionals as a member of a team.
  • Are committed to their organization, professional societies, and the community. 


Practice Educator Selection Criteria

In selecting and assigning practice educators, the Office of Experiential Education will preferentially assign students to pharmacists and other health care professionals who:

  • are in good standing with the CPBC or respective regulatory body;
  • demonstrate mentorship and professionalism;
  • demonstrate empathy and caring for patients;
  • ensure adequate individualized instruction, guidance, supervision and assessment of learner at each site;
  • have completed the self-paced online Practice Educator Development Modules on our OEE Practice Educator Resource Centre;
  • have exceptional coaching and teaching skills;
  • have a minimum of six months experience in direct patient care activities;
  • provide students with opportunities to provide comprehensive patient care;
  • spend at least 30% of their time in direct patient care activities;
  • spend at least 50% of their time with the learner, as the primary practice educator; and
  • provide formative and summative feedback on learner performance using the required assessment guide and assessment form.


Evaluation of Practice Educators

Students evaluate their practice educators and their practice sites at the end of their practicum experience via an online evaluation. Practice educators are also able to access these evaluations. 


The Experiential Site

UBC Pharm Sci looks to place its student pharmacists at sites that demonstrate and uphold best practices, where learners can achieve excellence. To that end, we place students preferentially at sites that will provide the most constructive learning environment. The following is a detailed breakdown of what we're looking for in a great site:

  • The site should maintain adequate staffing to allow the student to have a meaningful educational experience.
  • The site should meet all standards set by accrediting bodies.
  • The site and its personnel should be free of any violations of provincial and/or federal laws.
  • The site should be clean and reflect a professional image.
  • All pharmacists at the site must maintain an outstanding ethical and legal compliance record.
  • One pharmacist at the site shall be designated the primary practice educator to supervise student learning at the site. Other pharmacists may co-precept and support student learning if they meet the practice educator criteria.
  • The practice setting must provide sufficient scope of pharmaceutical services with the volume and variety of activities suitable to provide a rich learning environment.
  • The site must demonstrate and engage in collaborative practice with other health care providers.
  • Sufficient reference materials and Internet access should be available for the provision of information to patients, pharmacists and other health professionals.


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