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UBC's Entry-to-Practice PharmD program currently offers two types of practice pharmacy experiences: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). In addition, the Office of Experiential Education supports practicum experiences for the UBC Flexible PharmD program and the Structured Practical Training (SPT) for the UBC Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development (CPPD) Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program (CP3).

To learn which program and practicum opportunity is best suited to your practice site, please contact our office. A member of our team will get in touch to help you determine the best match. When we connect with you to talk about your site, we will also walk you through the practice site and practice educator registration processes. 

Practice Site Eligibility

For a site to participate in the experiential education program as a practice site, the following criteria must be met:

  • Practice site is licensed and in good standing with the College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC) or their respective regulatory body
  • Practice site manager has completed the Site Enrolment Survey
  • Practice site has a current UBC Student Placement Agreement (SPA) in place
  • Practice site provides a positive, safe, inclusive, and non-discriminatory environment for students
  • Practice site actively encourages and exhibits high-quality patient-centered care and best practices
  • Practice site provides access to intra- and interprofessional learning experiences
  • Practice site has the necessary human resources (e.g. staffing) and organizational framework that permits appropriate preceptorship and supervision of students
  • Practice site provides sufficient opportunities for students to meet practicum requirements (e.g. patient care interactions, adequate prescription volume, etc.)
  • Practice site manager (or delegate) provides placement availability within the timeframes established by the OEE to facilitate scheduling

Practice Educator Eligibility

For an individual pharmacist to participate in the experiential education program as a practice educator, the following criteria must be met:

  • Practice educator must be registered and in good standing with their respective regulatory body (e.g. CPBC) and must not have had a disciplinary finding in the past 5 years nor currently be the subject of a disciplinary hearing
  • Must not have a limit or condition that prohibits them from acting as a Practice Educator of pharmacy students and/or international pharmacy graduates
  • Has completed and submitted the Practice Educator Enrolment Survey
  • Is committed to completing the required onboarding and training (OEE Partner Resource Centre)
  • Has a minimum of six months experience within their practice area or setting
  • Provides a positive, safe, inclusive, non-discriminatory, and inspiring experience for students

The following additional qualities and values are sought in our practice educators:

  • Demonstrates interest in precepting and engaging with students
  • Demonstrates mentorship and professionalism
  • Demonstrates empathy and care for patients and/or clients
  • Has exceptional coaching and teaching skills
  • Seeks and is receptive to constructive feedback from students and the Faculty

Responsibilities of a Practice Educator

The OEE strives to identify practice educators who are role models and committed to teaching and supporting our students. Practice educator responsibilities include:

  • Familiarity with required learning objectives and practicum course activities
  • Facilitating student learning and providing opportunities for course activities, including repeat opportunities for students to demonstrate particular skills/knowledge where needed
  • Ensuring there is adequate individualized student instruction, guidance and supervision at the practice site
  • Actively observing, assessing and documenting student performance and providing ongoing and timely constructive feedback 


Formal feedback is collected by the Faculty at the end of each practicum through online surveys via our placement software E*Value. Both practice educators and students are encouraged to provide informal feedback to the Faculty at any time. Feedback surveys collected:

  • Practice Educator Evaluation of the UBC Experiential Education Program
  • Student Evaluation of Practice Educator and Practice Site
  • Student Evaluation of the Office of Experiential Education Course

 All feedback is reviewed by the OEE and utilized to inform necessary changes to the experiential education program.

Quality Assurance Site Visits

The OEE endeavours to engage with as many of our practice sites throughout the year and may contact sites directly to arrange for a site visit. Sites will receive a confirmation email with the scheduled site visit date/time and information on what to expect during the visit shortly thereafter.

Scheduled site visits take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. During these visits, the Faculty team will ask to meet briefly with site staff and practice educators, take a short tour of the site and ask a short series of questions to better understand the student and practice educator practicum experience at the site. Sites will be asked to complete a feedback survey after the visit. Any information gathered will be for the sole purpose of our experiential education program and ongoing quality assurance and improvement.

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