Faculty welcomes inaugural Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences class

Today we are proud to welcome the first cohort of the new Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPSc) program to UBC Pharm Sci. The BPSc program was formally approved by the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training in November 2019 and its inception this term marks a significant milestone for the Faculty.

Students in the BPSc program will undertake a rigorous curriculum designed to train them for a career in drug discovery and development, whether in government, academia, or the pharmaceutical, life sciences or biotechnology industries. 

For incoming student Ivy Liu, it is the appeal of a career in the pharmaceutical industry that drew her to the program. 

“The pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic and innovative field offering continuous challenges in developing new medicines together with great social value for improving the quality of human life, “ Liu says. 

“I chose the BPSc program because it not only provides me with an opportunity for further study in biology and chemistry but also the opportunity to relate and apply my knowledge to the industry I intend to pursue my career in.”

The program begins with a foundational sciences curriculum before delving into a specialized pharmaceutical sciences curriculum in year 2. In year 4 students will have the opportunity to complete a research project with or without honours. 

“This is truly a momentous day! On behalf of all our faculty and staff I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the first Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences cohort today. This is the first day of what I’m sure will be an enjoyable and enriching four years at UBC Pharm Sci,” says Dr. Michael Coughtrie, professor and dean.

“We’re delighted to have you here. Congratulations and welcome.” 

Inaugural Class Snapshot: What are you most excited for?

“I’m very excited for the research project or practicum offered in year 4, where the knowledge and skills obtained from my professors, books, and labs will be put to the test.” – Abhishek Nair

“This coming semester I would say I’m most excited to meet my new peers and start learning!” – Jemma Thomson

“I am excited to gain more knowledge about the subjects that I am interested in, as well as acquiring the skills to perform experiments related to those subjects. I am also looking forward to meeting like-minded people in the program and to go on this journey together in the BPSc program.” – Ivy Liu

“I’m most excited to meet people who share common interests with me as well as just finding what I’m truly passionate about. I can’t wait to start my journey in the BPSc program at UBC!” – Gracie Lahey

The new Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences program is the only of its kind in Western Canada and the only English-language Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences program Canada-wide. Learn more here.