Awards and Recognition

Our practice educators are a big part of what makes UBC Pharm Sci such a great pharmacy program. We applaud all of you for acknowledging the shared commitment and responsibility of educating the pharmacists of tomorrow. Your expertise and commitment to the profession are essential in preparing UBC pharmacy students for their entry to practice. The Pharm Sci program and its students deeply appreciate the positive and long-lasting impact your mentoring offers in facilitating the personal and professional growth of new pharmacists.


Award Recipients

Pharmacy Practice Educator of the Year Award - Summer Practicums and Structured Practical Training Cohorts of 2017

  • Ricky Wu (PHRM 171)
  • Jonathan Cox (PHRM 171)
  • John Cameron (PHRM 171)
  • Sanja Sunnus (PHRM 271)
  • Craig Johnson (PHRM 271)
  • Eddy Kim (PHRM 271)
  • Anita Lo (PHRM 272)
  • Kyle Collins (PHRM 272)
  • Jessica Power (PHRM 272)
  • Sophie SanFacon (PHRM 272)
  • Campbell Gentles (PHAR 469)
  • Simon Ting (PHAR 469)
  • Mohamed Kayed (PHAR 469)
  • Victor Chu (Structured Practical Training)

Pharmacy Practice Educator of the Year Award - Winter Session 2016/2017

  • Michael Lam (PHAR 479)
  • Billy Cheung (PHAR 479)
  • Cristina Alarcon (PHAR 479)
  • Man Hon (Mark) Ho (PHAR 489)
  • Anna Evans (PHAR 489)

Pharmacy Practice Educator of the Year Award - Summer Session 2016

  • Peter Hutt (PHRM 171)
  • Jina Sarkis-Dina (PHAR 369)
  • Mona Kwong (PHAR 469)

Stories about our Practice Educators

Honouring Our Partners in Clinical Education