Strategic Imperatives

I. Student Experience – striving for our students to:

  • Provide effective and safe direct patient care through evidence-based medicine
  • To deliver culturally-safe care with compassion and empathy
  • Gain confidence in clinical decision-making and a broad perspective on all aspects that influence health outcomes
  • Experience a variety of practice settings
  • Accept responsibility and accountability for the patient care they provide
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with other health care providers
  • Document patient care contributions
  • Participate in peer learning and mentoring            

II. Practice Educator Experience - striving for our practice educators (PEs) to:

  • Feel valued through meaningful acknowledgement and recognition
  • Have access to practice educator training and development through multiple delivery options
  • Provide and receive regular constructive feedback
  • Feel engaged with and supported by the Faculty
  • Utilize a range of preceptorship models within various practice settings        

III. Experiential Education Sites - striving for our sites to:

  • Actively encourage and exhibit high quality patient-centered care and best practices
  • Demonstrate a commitment to education and an interest in engaging with students
  • See value in hosting students
  • Allow for a diverse and robust range of learning experiences
  • Provide interprofessional collaborative learning environments
  • Have students play an active role within the health care team

IV. Program Advancement - striving for our program to:

  • To provide leadership in the scholarship of teaching and learning and contribute to the research and innovation in experiential education
  • Engage in high quality, effective and efficient educational practices that are research-informed and evidence-based
  • Support and enable teaching and learning excellence, encouraging practice educators and sites to participate in evaluation and scholarship initiatives
  • Create connections and foster collaborative relationships with students and stakeholders
  • Recruit a variety of innovative practice sites and experiential education opportunities for our students
  • Have a quality assurance process to ensure Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) accreditation standards and Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC) educational outcomes are met