Pharmacology: From Molecules to Systems

Pharmacology traditionally studies the effects of drugs on biological systems. Today, this includes a wide range of research cutting across an array of disciplines, all with the ultimate goal of improving patient therapies and better understanding human health. Pharmacology stands at the crossroads of the pharmaceutical sciences, bridging basic biomedical research and clinical therapeutic application.

Where Research and Therapeutic Application Meet

All aspects of our understanding of health, disease, treatment of disease and the fate of treatment molecules fall under the umbrella of pharmacology research. This research includes such questions as: Can we develop improved diagnostic and modelling tools to understand and treat disease? Can we devise better therapeutics and treatments by deepening our understanding of the steps in the disease process? How does the body process drugs and what is the fate of drugs in the body and the environment?

UBC Pharm Sci is home to research in several areas of interest in pharmacology:

  • drug metabolism and environmental toxicology
  • chronic pain, sleep disorders and neurodegenerative disease
  • development of genomic and biotechnological tools to understand how genomic information manifests as disease and in silico diagnostic tools for genetic disease screening
  • cardiac metabolism and cardiovascular complications of diabetes
  • role of genome maintenance and repair in disease
  • design, synthesis and evaluation of molecules to treat therapeutic targets of disease
  • role of enzymes in cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease
  • gender- and age-related clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • in silico modelling to better understand developmental pharmacology and improve drug/chemical safety

Pharmacology: From Molecules to Systems Researchers

Name Position Contact
Frank S. Abbott
Professor and Dean Emeritus
(604) 822-2566
Stelvio Bandiera
(604) 822-3815
Brian Cairns
(604) 822-7715
Thomas Chang
Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Associate Dean pro tem, Research
(604) 822-7795
Abby C. Collier
Associate Professor
(604) 827-2380
Michael Coughtrie
Professor and Dean
(604) 827-2178
Adam Frankel
Associate Professor
(604) 822-7146
Guri Giaever
Associate Professor
(604) 827-1789
David Grierson
(604) 827-3353
Ujendra Kumar
(604) 827-3660


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