Our approach to educating the pharmacists of tomorrow is simple—and human-focused. It's hands-on, cross-disciplinary and deeply rooted in best practices. One of those (very) best practices is having our student pharmacists work alongside experienced, knowledgeable practice educators. This mentoring relationship forms a core part of our Entry-to-Practice programs.



Whether it's the Entry-to-Practice BScPharm (phasing out in 2018) or our new Entry-to-Practice PharmD, UBC Pharm Sci endeavours to graduate pharmacists who are well-rounded (and well-grounded), trained and educated in all aspects of pharmacy care, and able to fulfill roles beyond those required of pharmacists. It's a new era of patient care, and we're making sure our grads meet the health care field where it needs them to be. Our practicum experiences are an integral part of getting our grads there.


Entry-to-Practice (E2P) PharmD

It's a time of evolution and opportunity for professionals in the field of pharmacy. With our first cohort beginning the program in 2015, the E2P PharmD offers the highest quality education in pharmaceutical sciences, equipping our grads for a variety of career opportunities in pharmacy and beyond. Whether they pursue a career in pharmacy, in research or in teaching, our grads leave the program prepared for today's expanded scope of practice.


Entry-to-Practice (E2P) BScPharm

At UBC Pharm Sci, we graduate not just medication therapy experts, but compassionate practitioners skilled in communication, collaboration, management and advocacy, and who are committed to providing the highest possible standard of care. Our E2P BScPharm is being phased out over the coming years, and is replaced by our Entry-to-Practice PharmD—a standardized First Professional Degree Program in Pharmacy that is offered by all Canadian universities.