DASI can provide a wide variety of analytic services

DASI offers a wide variety of analytic services, including design and analysis of clinical trials and observational research, descriptive statistics, predictive modeling, causal inference, mediation, sensitivity analysis, before/after analysis, Bayesian inference, implementation of Machine Learning algorithms, survey data analysis, survival analysis, meta analysis, graphical models, classification and clustering, Markov models, time series models, Bayesian networks, and the development of novel statistical techniques.

Service Models

An important function of the DASI is to provide assistance to all investigators based on their projects. If the investigator wishes to utilize the services of DASI, the investigator can choose from the following service models:


Hourly rate model: DASI charges clients according to time spent on their projects. Rates are $100/hr for UBC Affiliates and $120/hr clients affiliated with UBC but outside the Faculty, and $200 for clients external to UBC (rates are subject to change). Once the service agreement has been agreed upon by the investigator and DASI, the investigator will be billed on an hourly basis until the completion of the project. For UBC internal clients a Speed Chart is required for payment. For UBC external client or clients not using a Speed Chart, invoices will be sent electronically (or by mail, if preferred). Cheques should be made payable to the faculty.

Subscription model: Departments or investigators that require regular statistics support may “subscribe” to a portion of a DASI staff time. Those requesting this model must agree to fund a portion of % effort for at least 3 months. The minimum percent effort for use of this model is 20%. The fees for this model varies depending on the % effort and also subscription period.

Project support model: DASI can help investigators with their statistical analysis on a project-based model. We recommend this model for larger projects. Please contact DASI for more details.