About Data Analytics, Statistics and Informatics

Officially launched in September 2019, the Data Analytics, Statistics and Informatics (DASI) unit was founded with the goal of providing researchers with timely statistical advice informed from the latest developments in statistical sciences. The overall mission of DASI is to enhance the quality of health research through improving the analytical and methodological components.


DASI is managed by Dr. Abdollah Safari. Dr. Safari has served the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences as statistician since the completion of his PhD in statistics at Simon Fraser University in 2017. He has been involved in different types of projects in a wide range of areas from bioinformatics and biostatistics to marketing and advertisement. Dr. Safari has also collaborated with researchers from diverse educational backgrounds in academia and industry.

With DASI, researchers will have immediate access to analytical expertise without needing to recruit, train, or retain specialized staff of their own.

Team and Expertise

Through close collaborations with all investigators within and outside the Faculty, DASI has access to a large talent pool with different backgrounds and skillsets, including data scientists, machine learning experts, bioinformaticians, epidemiologists, and health economists.

Additional Reading

To read the official launch media release, click here.