Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program lead to a Pharmacy qualification?
Does this program lead to a direct entry into the Pharmacy program?
What is the difference between the Entry-to-Practice PharmD, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology?
How many students per year does the program take?
Other than academics, are there any additional requirements for admission?
Can I design my own program?
Can I select a minor?
Can I take electives in the Summer Terms?
Can I transfer in to the program if I don’t get in from High School?
I completed AP, IB or British A-level transfer credit. Will my credits count toward admission requirements for the BPSc program?
Where can I find information on the BPSC program’s tuition fees?
Does the Program offer Honours?
Can I perform a research project in year 4 without pursuing Honours?
Is there an advantage to pursuing Honours?
Can I work directly with industry during my BPSc degree?
Can I do Co-op?
What type of careers can a BPSc degree lead to?
Do I have to do all my electives in Pharmaceutical Sciences?
What is practicum?
Will practicum lead to employment?