Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program open for enrollment yet?
Yes the program is open for applications. Applications are anticipated to close February 28, 2020.

Does this program lead to a Pharmacy qualification?
No, the BPSc is a science degree. Graduates of the BPSc program will not be eligible to become pharmacists without completing a PharmD degree program.

Does this program lead to a direct entry into the Pharmacy program?
No, this program is entirely separate from Pharmacy. Students with the appropriate pre-requisites may apply for other Health Care degrees, but the BPSc program does not facilitate this.

How many students per year does the program take?
Approximately 65

Are there any extra requirements for admission?
Yes. Students judged competitive will be offered an interview. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Admissions Committee will take these interviews into consideration along with transcripts and personal statements, before offering placement.

Can I design my own program?
Yes and no – there are mandatory core courses that you must enroll in and pass. But these are supplemented with one elective of your choice in each of Years 1-3, and multiple electives in Year 4, to tailor to your interests.

Can I take electives in the Summer Terms?
Yes. UBC sees summer classes as equivalent to other classes.

Can I transfer in to the program if I don’t get in from High School?
Yes, at the discretion of the Director, direct entry into Year 2 will be allowed on a limited basis. Candidates for direct entry into Year 2 must have completed and passed an equivalent program to Year 1. Transfer into Year 2 will be competitive for limited spaces.

What is the tuition rate?
Tuition is the standard UBC Science Faculty rate for Domestic/International students with an additional laboratory fee in Years 2, 3 and 4.

Does the Program offer Honours?
Yes, students will declare for Honours in the second term of Year 2 or the first term of Year 3. Honours will require a research project, a formal written Honours thesis and 6 extra credits of classes.

Can I perform a research project in Year 4 without pursuing Honours?
Yes. The Research Project without honours will culminate in a short report rather than a formal Honours Thesis. For research Projects without Honours, the extra 6 credits of coursework are not required.

Is there an advantage to pursuing Honours?
Yes, it is a challenging and intellectually rigorous pathway. Additionally, some Graduate Programs at UBC and other Universities allow direct admission to the PhD program without enrolling in the MSc, if the student holds an honours degree.

Can I work directly with industry during my BPSc degree?
Yes, there will be placements in Year 4 facilitated by the Faculty. Applications and placements will be on a competitive basis and not all students will receive an industry placement.

Can I do Co-op?
No. The program does not support Co-op.

What sort of careers can a BPSc degree lead to?

Careers include but are not limited to:

  • Biotechnology Industry
  • Dietary Supplement Industry
  • Government policy advisory
  • Health Care Professions (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy)
  • Hospital/Health Care provider administration
  • Cannabis products industry
  • Medical Device sales and marketing
  • Nutraceutical Industry
  • Paint and other industrial formulations manufacturers
  • Personal Care Product Industry (e.g. shampoos, lotions, makeup)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, including generic medication providers
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Veterinary drug industry
  • Graduate school (MSc, PhD) and subsequent Academic Positions or higher positions in the above.

Do I have to do all my electives in Pharmaceutical Sciences?
Not at all, you are encouraged to take electives that interest you and build your personal program. The exception is that in 4th year only 9 credits of electives can be taken outside of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

What is "Practicum"?
Practicum is a placement with an Industrial partner (drug, biotech, personal care, nutraceutical company etc) where the student learns critical skills directly working in Industry. The placement carries 15 credits and is evaluated at the end by the Industrial Supervisor as well as a Faculty Member from Pharmaceutical Sciences. Practicum placements are applied for in 3rd year and can be either 1st or 2nd term. Practicum placements are not guaranteed for all students and the application process will be competitive.

Will Practicum lead to employment?
In general no, employment is in no way implied or guaranteed by performing a practicum. Practicum is a learning experience for the student who will be co-supervised by a UBC faculty member and an Industrial Scientist. However, if the company subsequently offers employment to the student; that would be considered an excellent outcome and there is no reason for the student to decline such an opportunity if they want to accept a position. 

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