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Pharmacy has grown more complex in recent years, and the scope of practice for pharmacists has expanded. We have developed our Entry-to-Practice PharmD program to address this complexity. Below are the background courses that will optimally prepare you for this program at UBC.

This information pertains to the 2022W admission cycle.

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Academic Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy (E2P PharmD) four-year program, applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and:

  • have completed 60 credits of transferable post-secondary coursework;
  • have completed all prerequisite coursework within the last 10 years at an approved college or university, with the exception of Humanities or Social Sciences and Elective credits;
  • meet a minimum core average of 65%, or 2.50 GPA, calculated on all attempts at first-year Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics (Calculus);
  • meet a minimum overall average of 70%, or 2.80 GPA, calculated on the last 30 credits of coursework completed;
  • have completed all prerequisite courses for graded credit1;
  • have applied by the application deadline of December 1st (information on the PharmD program application fees can be found in the UBC Calendar); and
  • have submitted all required transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office (please note, academic transcripts are not reviewed by the faculty and should not be sent to the faculty).

1Prerequisite coursework completed for Credit/Pass during the January-April 2020 term will be accepted.

Prerequisite Coursework for UBC students2
Prerequisite Coursework for non-UBC students

Other notes:

  • Only transferable undergraduate coursework will be considered. Graduate coursework and pharmacy technician diplomas will not count towards the admission prerequisites.
  • IB, AP, or A-level subjects that are eligible for UBC transfer credit may be used to satisfy admission prerequisites. For more information about UBC’s policy on first-year credit, please visit:
  • If you have further questions pertaining to specific coursework that are not addressed on this page, you may contact the Office of Student Services by emailing Your inquiry should include the institution's name, course code (i.e. ENGL 100), and year that courses were completed. In some cases, the course syllabi may be requested.

Selection Criteria


In an effort to select well-rounded, mature, and motivated individuals, the admissions committee embraces a broad-based admissions philosophy, where a combination of academic and non-academic criteria is considered. The number of applications to the program well exceeds the quota of 224 seats, making admission competitive. Applicants should be aware that satisfying the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee an interview or admission.
The most academically-qualified applicants are invited to participate in an interview process where they have the opportunity to demonstrate their qualitative traits and suitability for the program. The final admission decision is based solely on the qualitative criteria and admission averages are not carried over to the final ranking. Final transcripts are reviewed before final offers of admission are made, to confirm that all prerequisites, including average requirements, are satisfied. Offers of admission will be revoked if all admission requirements are not fulfilled upon receipt of a final transcript.

Applicant Groups
Admission averages

Acceptance Deposits

A $2,000 non-refundable acceptance deposit is required to hold a seat in the program. This deposit is payable upon accepting an admission offer and will be credited towards tuition fees.

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