Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is the difference between the Entry-to-Practice PharmD, Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology?
How many intakes are there per year for the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program?
What does “Winter Session” mean?
Can I apply if I am an international student?
Can I transfer from another pharmacy program?
I am entering university and/or have to select my major. Does it matter which I choose if I eventually want to apply to the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program?
Do you give preference to students who carry full course loads?
Do I have an advantage if I am a degree-holder?
How many spots are available each year?
How long is the degree program?
Do UBC applicants receive priority in the admissions process?
I am not a resident of BC. Can I still apply to the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program?

Admission Requirements 

Do I need to have the prerequisites completed by the time I apply?
Will you consider courses I completed in the Summer Session?
Do I need to take the PCAT?
Do I have to have pharmacy experience, references, or additional support documentation when applying to the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program?
Do I need to take university-level physics?
I completed AP, IB or British A-level transfer credit. Will my credits count toward admission requirements for the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program?
What if I do not meet the minimum averages? Can I still be considered for admission?
If I complete a pharmacy technician or a graduate program, will it be recognized?
I completed a degree over 10 years ago. Will my courses be recognized or do I have to take them again?
As a licensed pharmacist what would be the average income I could expect to earn?

Admission Process

How do I send my transcripts?
How is transfer credit assessed by UBC?
How is my admission average determined?
How will Credit/D/Fail or Pass/Fail courses affect my application?
Where can I get advice on student loans, awards and bursaries?
Can I defer my offer of admission?
When and how will I be notified of the decision on my application?
What is the English Language Admission Standard (ELAS) required for admission to UBC?