Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

The Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) is the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science’s multidisciplinary group of outcomes researchers specializing in epidemiology, health economics, health services research, and pharmacy practice research. Research conducted by CORE faculty members is directly aligned with the Faculty’s Health Outcomes theme.

The mission of CORE is to improve health-care-related outcomes through the application of the best in research and practice enhancement strategies, as well as providing high-caliber training. Since its inception in 2000, CORE has evolved from generating evidence on the outcomes associated with drug therapies, to addressing broader issues related to clinical outcomes, quality of life, and economic benefits of health technologies in general. CORE faculty members apply their methodological expertise across a span of conditions and therapeutic areas including respiratory diseases, rheumatology, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, neurology, rare diseases, and infectious diseases. Moreover, CORE has established collaborations with pharmaceutical and health outcomes researchers; nationally these include nearly all of the Canadian pharmacy schools, and internationally, these include institutions in the US, France, Cambodia, Rwanda, New Zealand, and Brazil.

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